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DIY Gold Leaf Vase With Repurposed Bottles

If you have looked at any style or interior design posts lately, you have noticed that gold and brass are back in a big way, from personal accessories to home décor.  Although you may not want to commit to a brass coffee table or étagère, accessories are a great and inexpensive way to start.   Rob Colosi McCann  is an interior designer and co-founder of Inside Home, an interior design showroom and retail store based in Chicago.  Here’s how he transforms a wine bottle into vase that will add just a bit of glamor to any room (and now you can too- Thanks to Rob!).

What you will need:

Gold Leaf supplies 02

  1. Wine Bottle (I am using the Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay bottle, I love the grey ceramic against the gold leaf)
  2. Mini glass scraper razor blade (for removing the label off of the bottle)
  3. Package of gold leaf (purchased at craft store)
  4. Bottle of liquid gold leaf adhesive size  (purchased at local craft store)
  5. Roll of Masking Tape
  6. Small paint brush
  7. Can of spray sealer (purchased at a craft store)
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Step 1:

Remove the label from the bottle and create a smooth surface.  The bottle that I am using has a painted on label so I am going to use a razor to remove it. If your bottle has a paper label you may need to soak it in hot water to loosen the paste.

Clearing a glass bottle for use in recycled vase craft or DIY

Step 2:

Once the bottle has been cleaned you are ready to apply the masking tape to create the areas where you want the gold leaf to be applied.  I cut the masking tape into smaller strips.  Keep in mind that the exposed areas not covered by the tape will become the gold leafed areas.

Cutting the tape for marking the gold leaf vase

Step 3:

Now that you have created the desired design on your bottle it is time to apply the gold leaf adhesive.  First make sure that all of the edges where you applied the taped are pressed down to prevent the adhesive from getting underneath.  You will now brush this over the exposed bottle areas where you want to apply the gold leaf.

Gluing the bottle to add the gold leaf

Step 4:

Once the adhesive has dried (it will change from a milky white color to clear) you are ready to apply the gold leaf.   Pull the gold leaf out of its package and apply it directly on the adhesive areas.  Use your finger to gently press it down and smooth it out.  Don’t worry if it rips or just apply it all over, you won’t be able to see the rips once completed.

Adding gold leaf to the glass bottle for an upcycled design

Step 5:

Slowly remove the masking tape from the bottle to reveal your design.

Peel off the masking tape to create the DIY vase design

Step 6:

To protect the gold leaf from scratching you should apply two coats of spray sealer and you are done!

Finished glass bottle vase design - What a great DIY!

Thanks again Rob, you’ve certainly inspired me to try this craft.  Readers, how about you?  Have you ever tried to gold leaf?

What do you think?