Greenery for Vases {Leaves are the New Flower}

Greenery is the new Flower Home Decor Trends
Summer is here! Let’s bring a little bit of it indoors with a glass vase full of greenery. While flowers are always lovely, sometimes what’s in order is a vase full of the different hues and textures only greenery can provide. Forget brown is the new black…greenery is the new flower. Whether a centerpiece or just an accent on a table, these greenery for vases ideas are sure to please. Plus you don’t need to have a clipping garden or spend a fortune at the florist!

Use a tight bundle of leaves as centerpiece.
I’m love love LOVING this tight little bundle of leaves that are bursting forth as a mini-bouquet. I don’t know what the leaves are, but I’m thinking this would work very well with something like basil…and have the added bonus of smelling divine. Image from Style Me Pretty.

Oversized leaves with branches greenery centerpiece

Oversized leaves and tall branches make a dramatic yet simple statement. By Magnolia Floreria.

Parade of Greenery as a Table Runner

There’s nothing not to love about this entire set-up. Denim garland, stumps as stools, and the lovely parade of greenery marching down the center of the table. Wish I’d been at that table! From The Fresh Exchange (they have tons of amazing stuff).

Rustic low profile greenery centerpiece

Look at this cute low profile rustic centerpiece is; adore how it is just chock full of texture.  Image from

Cheese box cottage centerpiece in apothecary jars

Wooden cheese box filled with three apothecary jars; a lovely cottage-y centerpiece. Image from Etsy.

Tall bud vases with simple greenery

A row of clear bud vases with tall greenery stems makes for quite an elegant, cohesive centerpiece. Lovely. Image from Knight Moves.

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Citrus greenery with clementines wrapped with rope

Greenery with clementines wrapped with rope; simple, quick, inexpensive…but looks like a million bucks. Image from The Rigneys.

Grey green eucalyptus leaves in teardop bowl

Eucalyptus leaves in teardop bowl…love how eucalyptus flutters, plus I’ll bet it smelled great! Image from Southern Weddings.

Simple and romantic greenery in White Vase

Could this be more romantic? Greenery never looked more sweet and simple, adorning this lovely white vase. Image from Rhema Faith Photography.

Lantern greenery centerpiece for rustic charm in a centerpiece
Dining al fresco? Grab some greenery off a tree…even better if it sports some buds and a bloom or two. Image from Sunshine Soul.

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