Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

For many of us, Halloween isn’t just a day for kids trick-or-treating, candy, and costume parties.  It’s the unofficial, playful kick-off to the fall season.  So why leave the bulk of the festive Halloween decorating to the front porch?   Celebrate by bringing some of the of the fun into your home!

Sugar Skulls

This doesn’t mean plastic pumpkins and cardboard cut-outs of witches scattered on tabletops.  Halloween decorating can be whimsical without sacrificing one’s own aesthetic and style.

Need some inspiration?   Try the following:

Color: Perhaps the easiest way to bring Halloween decorating into your living room is to incorporate a spooky color palette.  No, I’m not suggesting you paint your walls orange or recover your upholstery with Halloween fabrics.  A black throw blanket tossed over a chair with a red accent pillow leaning against it, red and orange candles of different heights arranged on a tray, a mountain of ripe, red tomatoes in a big black bowl, a bouquet of flowers in the hues of Halloween…all of these read as Halloween!

Tomatoes in a Black Bowl

Skulls as Decor: Few things are more spooky and reminiscent of Halloween as the human skull.  Lucky for us design-types, they can also be great graphic punches in their organic-looking form (even plastic ones), and there are many colorful ceramic and wooden versions available in handicraft shops year-round.  Placed next to a Gothic-looking candelabra or on a swatch of black fabric…oooooooohhhhh…scary!

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Family Photos in Frames…or Not: One of the things many love about Halloween is the element of surprise; if it elicits and emotional response such as fright or laughter, all the better!  You can incorporate this into your Halloween decorating by switching out a cluster of framed family photos with graphic black and white images such as bats, witches, or a haunted house.  Another fun switcheroo is ghostly images in lieu of family portraits…creepy works every time when it comes to Halloween.

So embrace your inner child and celebrate Halloween this year with a little interior decorating!




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