Halloween Decorating Ideas for Porch and Entry Way

When decorating a front porch and entry for Halloween, it can be fun to consider hanging a spooky cobweb and displaying your family’s carved jack-o-lanterns.   But it doesn’t need to stop there. . .

Halloween can be a wonderful time to visually welcome the fall season and bring some style outside for all guests and passersby to enjoy.

Some ideas to spur your creativity:

  • Lay dried corn leaves or a few handfuls of hay on the bottom of a large bowl or platter, overflowing over the sides.  Heap a selection of gourds in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors on top, creating an interesting mound. For more variety, intersperse dried berry vines or flowers between the gourds; make sure you stick with the same color palette as the gourds you used.  Place this wherever you might otherwise put a potted plant; this can also be adapted for standing urns which look lovely on either side of a doorway.
  • Pumpkins don’t need to be relegated to jack-o-lanterns.  Think outside of the box. . . or in this case, gourd! Stack three large pumpkins on top of each other, biggest to smallest, to create a pumpkin-man, decorating as you would a scarecrow or snowman (this is a great project for children).  Have an abundance of pumpkins?  Line either side your front walkway with them as you would lanterns (if you carve and light some, they will be lanterns).  Or use a hollowed-out pumpkin as a temporary planter for an autumn perennial.

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  • Trim your front entryway with homemade garland wrapped in twinkly lights.  Garland can be made by stringing apples, Indian corn, small gourds, hay stalks, anything together, you are limited only by your own imagination.  The wonderful thing about the fall is simpler is often better; just keep your color palette in the yellows, reds, rusts, and brown and you’ll be golden!
  • Look around the flower beds in your front yard; in all likelihood there are bare patches showing up as the weather cools.  These are great places to create fun, unexpected still lifes. Perhaps take an old bucket and fill with tall branches and dried leaves.  Top with a large pumpkin or gourde, and scatter a couple smaller ones on next to the bucket.  You’ve got a beautiful arrangement on the ground in your front yard!
  • Bring some of these elements into your to make a fall statement and even consider scattering them throughout the house.  Your personal style doesn’t need to be country or rustic to incorporate outdoor elements inside. For example, do you have a modern aesthetic?  Remove everything from your fireplace mantle and replace with five medium-sized pumpkins evenly spaced across it; this creates a monochromatic, graphic statement that is decidedly modern.  Is your home a more transitional style?  Layer a large framed mirror behind the five pumpkins, add some tall chunky pillar candles, and weave in some (non-flammable if you’re going to light the candles or fireplace) garland.

Happy (Halloween) Decorating!

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