How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber suede materials are now used in many different types of furniture. That’s not surprising, given its increased level of comfort and resistance to spills and stains. Still, you wouldn’t clean a microfiber couch in the same way that you would clean a couch made from other materials. Information on how to clean microfiber doesn’t usually come with the furniture. While finding the care and maintenance information can be challenging, the cleaning itself is actually quite simple. This step-by-step guide will walk you through cleaning your microfiber couch.

Step 1: Do some preliminary vacuuming.

Using a vacuum, preferably a deep cleaning device such as one of the Bissell vacuums, do a thorough once over on the couch. The best approach is generally to use a soft-bristled attachment. This will get rid of the most obvious crumbs and dirt. With a high quality vacuum, you will also remove embedded dirt and dust.

Step 2: Determine what cleaning materials to use.

Check your owner’s guide or any tags on the fabric to determine if there are any cleaning fluids that you shouldn’t use on your couch. Some versions of microfiber are not made to handle any form of liquid. Others are able to withstand anything short of powerful bleach solutions. If you are not certain into which category your couch falls and can’t get that information, you can do a minor test on a portion of the couch that can be easily hidden. Simply apply water and your preferred cleaning solution, then check for fabric resilience.

Step 3: Prepare or select a cleaning solution.

Depending on the results of step two, there are different options for what sort of cleaning solution you should use. On most microfiber fabrics, a gentle solution made from a soap and water mixture is best. You can also purchase a cleaning solution designed specifically for microfiber. You can find these special cleaning solutions at most furniture stores or on the web.

Step 4: Spot clean.

Since microfiber repels most spills, and your vacuuming cleared up a lot of the dirt, you probably won’t need to do too much deep cleaning. Instead, it’s advisable to use your cleaning fluid to spot clean any areas on the couch that show signs of spills or rubbed in grime. Using a soft cloth that has been appropriately saturated in the cleaning fluid, press down on the dirty area. Do not rub it, as this is likely to push the dirt deeper into the small pores of the fabric. Continue to push the soft cloth into the fabric until the dirt or stain begins to lift out, then blot dry.

Step 5: Work out deep stains.

Any deeper stains will typically require more advanced steps. After attempting the directions outlined in step four, spray the stained area with a more powerful cleaning solution. Let the cleaning solution stay on the stained area for one to two hours, then repeat step four. If the stain persists, it may be time to hire a professional fabric cleaner.

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