How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Clean your wood floors with ease.   

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Hardwood floors are absolutely lovely in a home. They look great with almost any décor and can make a small space seem much bigger. In the winter, they stay a bit warmer than tile floors. They are more hygienic than carpeted floors and more durable than linoleum.

For all the positive traits of wood floors, they do have one tiny drawback. They can be tricky to maintain. In order to keep them looking their best, wood floors need to be cleaned often and cared for without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. Here’s a little guide to help you keep your wood floors in tip top shape – without a lot of hassle.

Choose a mild cleaning solution.

Supermarket shelves are laden with a variety of wood floor cleaners today. Prices range from $5 to $15 for a 32 ounce bottle of cleaner. Though many of them do an excellent job of cleaning, there’s no reason to shell out such big bucks to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful.

Look no further than your kitchen pantry for an effective wood floor cleaner. For sealed wood floors, use a mixture of ¼ cup white vinegar to 1 gallon water for your wood floor cleaner. If you wish, you can include a few drops of essential oil to add a pleasing scent to your homemade floor cleaner.

To clean unfinished wood floors, try a strong brew of black tea. Around 10 tea bags to 1 gallon of hot tap water should do the trick. Allow the solution to steep for at least 20 minutes before use. The tannins in black tea will naturally clean and brighten a dull wood floor.

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Select the best cleaning tools for the job.

The most essential cleaning tool for hardwood floors is the classic dust mop. Most dust mops are made from wool or micro fiber and glide easily across a wood floor attracting dust and dirt as they go. They are gentler than a broom and the heads from dust mops can normally be tossed into the washing machine for repeated use. If you prefer a regular broom for the job, make sure it has soft, fine bristles that won’t scratch up your floors over time.

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As for a wet mop – choose one that can easily be wrung out. You definitely don’t want something that stays sopping wet while you’re cleaning wood floors. Try one like the Aviditi PVA2 Roller Mop. You can wring this mop easily and thoroughly to keep it from getting too much water on your hardwoods.

Clean your hardwood floors.

Most of the time, your trusty dust mop will clean your floor completely if you use it at least every other day. The natural lanolin in an all wool dust mop attracts dust and gives the floor a nice shine.

Still, there will be days when you’ll need a little moisture to get the floors clean. That’s when you’ll need to mix up your homemade hardwood  solution and get to work. Use a dust mop or broom first, to remove debris. Then immerse your wet mop into your cleaning solution and wring it twice – until it’s just barely damp. Go over your floor with the damp mop and if you notice it’s staying wet for more than a few seconds, make sure to dry it with a towel or your dust mop right away.

Give your floors an extra shine.

Over the years, some wood floors may loose their luster. Sanding and resealing the floors is one option – but it can be expensive, time consuming and will damage floors if done too often.

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Holloway House makes an excellent product called Quick Shine that you squirt onto a clean floor and mop into the floor surface with a dry mop or rag. It’s a quick fix for a dull wood floor that may need a little boost and it can be found in the cleaning section of most supermarkets.

Enjoy the beauty of your clean hardwood floors. With just a little work and the right tools, your glistening wood floors will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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