How to Clean Throw Pillows

Photo Credit: M.Markus

How do you clean throw pillows for the couch without turning them into a lumpy, misshapen mess? Throw pillows covered in silk or wool must be dry cleaned, as should*  throw pillows filled with down. Hopefully, if you have down filled throw pillows, they have a zippered cover that can be washed separately.

*It is possible to wash down pillows on the delicate or hand-washing cycle of your washing machine, but this is a choice you must make as a consumer, knowing that your pillows may be damaged. Keep in mind that front loading washing machines tend to yield better results than top loading.

Check the tag of the pillow, you know the “to be removed only by the consumer under penalty of law tag?” This should give proper care advice, but as most of us find these tags tacky and strip them off as soon as possible. Some microfiber materials can only be cleaned with a solvent cleaner like you’d find in the near the carpet care section of your favorite store.

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