How to Create a Gorgeous Wall Collage


If you’ve been flipping through design magazines recently, you might have noticed the resurgence in popularity of the ever-handy wall collage.

Used to group wall art so that it mimics the visual weight of a larger piece of art, the collage has many benefits besides just looking fantastic in nearly any space. Collages are usually made up of smaller pieces of artwork, which means you can decorate your walls less expensively. Since there aren’t any real rules to creating a collage, you have a lot of flexibility and are able to make your collage match the style of your home’s decor.

Collages are also a casual and fun way to decorate your home and are a great solution for those weird wall spaces! They can be both very formal and traditional but also casual and carefree, too.

While there aren’t any rules, there are a few tips that can help you create the best wall collage ever.

1) Unless you’re absolutely going for the bohemian hodge podge look, choose artwork that has at least one of the following in common: size, subject, color or frame style/color. The more formal a collage you wish to create, the more of those elements you will want to have in common.


2) Consider spacing carefully. Artwork bunched up tightly with little space between the pieces can give off a cluttered and high-energy feel whereas artwork placed farther apart can give a more relaxed feel. Of course, the size of your wall “canvas” and how many pieces of art you want to display will also determine how close you need to place the art.

3) To get an idea of how you want to display the pieces on the wall, first lay out your artwork on the floor in front of the desired wall. Mark off on the floor with blue tape the exact space on the wall you’ll have to work with. This will allow you to mix and match and rearrange artwork until you create the composition of your dreams before you make marks on the wall.


4) When you finally find the right composition, start with the middle piece of artwork and find the middle of your wall “canvas”. Use this to measure the perfect spacing you decided on and help you hang the rest of the pieces. Remember to use a level and step back from your hanging often to check on your progress.

5) Consider purchasing double-sided sticky tape squares to place on the corners of your collage pieces. Little artwork tends to move more with vibrations in the house and artwork will seem extra crooked when next to so many other pieces of artwork.


And there you have it! Enjoying creating your own wall collages today!

Photographs taken from Desire to Inspire.

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    Great tips there esp for preventing them becoming crooked. Did a collage like this along a stairwell wall in a prevous house and considering doing one in my kitchen once we finish decorating it. I think you have convinced me! Thanks.


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    we are currently redoing our wall of photos. this post is motivating for me to finish!