How to Fake the Look of Mercury Glass

A Quick and Easy Way to Create Faux Mercury Glass

Decorating with Mercury glass has become quite popular these days. It has the ability to add glitz and glam to a room with a hint of vintage charm. I have been bitten by the Mercury glass bug and am quite smitten with it. Every time I am in one of my favorite home décor stores I find myself doing a clean sweep of the place to see if they have anything I can add to my ever-growing collection.

Mercury glass was first produced in 1840 in what is now the Czech Republic. Vintage Mercury glass can be quite expensive and hard to find. Reproduction Mercury glass has been popping up everywhere but even that can be expensive, depending on where you shop. You can find a wide variety of items such as candle holders, vases, lamps, frames and even mirrored furniture that looks like the real thing.
Genuine Mercury glass pieces consist of two pieces of glass that have had a liquid silvering solution poured in between the layers and then sealed, giving it an aged mirror effect.

There are a few relatively easy ways to recreate the look of Mercury glass yourself.

To begin you will need the following:
• A clean large mouthed glass object such as a vase
• A spray bottle
• Paper towels or a clean cloth
• Vinegar
• Water
• Krylon Looking Glass Mirrored Spray Paint

Keep reading for the instructions for how to fake the look of mercury glass.

1. Set up an area outside to work in. Lay down a large piece of cardboard or a drop cloth on the ground to protect against overspray.
2. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in your spray bottle and shake gently.
3. Lay the glass jar or vase on its side and lightly mist the inside of the glass piece with the water/vinegar mixture. Immediately spray a light coat of the Looking Glass Spray Paint on the inside of the piece as well.
4. Gently dab at the water/vinegar droplets with a paper towel or clean cloth. This will remove some of the paint, giving it a mottled look.
5. Repeat the process until you achieve the look you want. Let the piece dry over night.

1. Another way to create the look is to lightly spray the inside of the piece with the spray paint first, let dry and then lightly spray the vinegar mixture on top of the paint, quickly wiping or dabbing away the paint. The acid in the vinegar eats away at the paint, thus making it easy to wipe away.

2. Do not fill or wash with water as it will ruin the finish.

A few months ago I took a stab at recreating mercury glass with this thrift store lamp I picked up for a few dollars.

glass thrift store lamp

I was not able to find Krylon Looking Glass Mirrored Spray Paint locally so I used a silver metallic spray paint I picked up at a local hardware store. Although the paint did not turn out as shiny as I hoped, I think the lamp looks pretty neat.
faux mercury glass lamp

I hope this tutorial will inspire you to try this project idea!

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