How to get Sharpie Marker off the Wall

Four Ways to Get Sharpie or Permanent Marker off a Wall

Few things are as difficult to remove from the wall as permanent marker. But when junior marks up your foyer with sharpies, don’t fear; it can be remedied.

Here are some things you’ll likely find around the house that you can use to remove the so called permanent marks from the wall.

• Hand Sanitizer Gel

• Rubbing Alcohol

• Acetone Nail Polish Remover

• Hairspray

All of the above solvents are pretty harsh and will also remove the paint from your walls if you aren’t careful.

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    Indoor house paint on your carpet…..use scissors,a knife or something sharp to separate the carpet. Use wd-40 let sit for about 5 or so minutes. Scrub good with a white towel. You can also use straight laundry detergent to get out what wd-40 doesn’t. Apply detergent directly to the spot, let soak, then use a clean towel and water to get it up. Hope this helps someone.

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    Brittany says:

    Thanks for the tip! Hand sanitizer worked best for me! Be careful though those using it because it took some paint off with it.

  3. 6

    I like how you can use different things my sister put sharpie on the wall and it came off