How to Host a Halloween Party for Adults

The name of the game for this year’s Halloween Party is Ghoulish Glamour. That’s right glitter, crystal, and glistening jewels with a touch of creepiness can make for a very sophisticated and frightfully fantastic Halloween Party.

When choosing materials, decorations, invites, and food for your Halloween Party constantly think over the top! Go for those rhinestone covered goblets, and get out your nice crystal!

I love this simple solution for an invitation envelope; of course, a few more glittered pumpkins or substituting a damask patterned envelope can take it to the next level.

Don’t go out and buy all new decorations, simply re-work what you already have. High Gloss spray paint, a little glue and some glitter, or rhinestones can take old decorations or garage sale finds from drab to fab with little time or expense. Paint a few dead limbs with silver spray paint and arrange in a large vase, use small pumpkins as a filler in the vase, cute and budget friendly!   I love these glittery skulls!

Use dim overhead lights, lamps, and candles to light the room and to keep all your glamorous decorations sparkling. Pull out that lace table cloth, you know the one you got for a wedding gift and have not ever used! Make it interesting by placing solid colored fabric or shimmery wrapping paper underneath.

When thinking party food, it is easy to get carried away with spectacular goodies and glamorous dishes that might have you in the kitchen all day… but for a simple approach, think simple treats displayed in elegant dishes.

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Simple snacks like Pretzels and Caramel popcorn served in a crystal dish draped with cobwebs, brings simple snack to ghoulish glamor in a snap. Use silver Party Trays and black doilies to serve pigs in a blanket, mini BBQ Beef Pies or nachos.  Dips can be served right out of a small hollowed out pumpkin.   Use Seasonal produce to make  snacks and dishes that keep the holiday focus.  Add dry ice to any punchbowl to keep it cold and drape the table in spectacular fog all night long. (Psst. This is also where those rhine stone goblets come in handy). Don’t have the budget to get one for each guest, get a couple for display purposes only and then use clear punch cups for the guests.

With a group of friends that know each other well, conversation and social mingling may be all you need to entertain party guests. But for a group of new friends, a game or challenge, may help guests get mingling a little more comfortably.

I hope these ideas and how to’s help spark up your Halloween Party with some Ghoulish Glamour!

What do you think?