How to Host a Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is here and that means it is time to Par-Tay!!  Gather the kids, get started  right away, and have the Halloween time of your life!

1. Invitations:

I know I have said this before, but invitations really do set the tone. As a parent with young kids we have more than once arrived at a party and had to turn around a leave while pulling the kids off of us, due to extreme creepiness that our kids weren’t ready to handle. Be courteous and set the tone of your event with the invite. If you are having a party for young children and younger elementary, use a happy pumpkin, cartoon bat, or candy corn shaped invites.

2. Decorations:

Decorations are key to a Halloween party. It’s all about atmosphere.

  • Set up a friendly scarecrow to greet your guests at the door. So easy, just use old towels or sheets to stuff some work clothes, use a plastic jack-o-lantern as the face and top with any hat!
  • Orange and Black crepe paper strung from the ceiling in a web pattern always makes for big impact with small price tag. Use black balloons to make a body and black crepe paper for the legs of your very own giant spider to add to your web.
  • Caldrons of 1 part dry ice and 2 parts water make a nice mist along the floor. Make sure that the caldrons are placed where no one can touch them. Touching dry ice can be harmful.
  • Tables covered with black or purple table cloths with various sized jack o lanterns make a fun and festive centerpiece. Use led candles to light the faces with no worries of fire hazards!

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3. Snacks:

Serve up a festive table with treats is all shape and size.

My new favorite drink perfect for a Halloween party.

Creamy Orange Punch

  • 1 3.4 oz.pkg. instant vanilla pudding
  • ¼ cup sweetened lemonade mix
  • ½ cup sweetened orange drink mix
  • Add, 2 quarts of cold water, mix well and serve!

4. Games:

  • Bobbing for Apples. Make sure to buy small apples for those small mouths to bite down on.
  • Witch races. Use straw brooms and have kids “ride” their broom in a relay race across the yard or down the hall.
  • Costume Contest. Hey part of the fun is dressing up!! Make sure your guest know there will be prizes involved! (full sized candy bars make for great prizes)

5. Favors:

Don’t let your guests leave empty handed! Use brown paper lunch bags filled with sweet treats and stickers for each guest. Tie with a ribbon and add a tag with the wording, “Another Halloween, in the Bag”.

6. Sit back and relax after a fun filled party!! Happy Halloween Y’all!

What do you think?