How to Incorporate the Hottest Color in Design: Black

Black isn’t just for little dresses. It’s the hottest color in design these days, popping up on wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, and furniture. Just like the little black dress, black in interior design can be formal or funky, dressed up or down, and can work with any individual style.

As an interior design trend, black is usually being seen either seen in bold, graphic black-and-white patterns or on items entirely covered in a glossy black finish.  The one unifying theme is the use of simple, clean lines in the designs.

The fun thing about this trend is that it’s particularly easy to incorporate it into any home’s interior.  Little punches of black here and there are  attention-grabbing statements…add a few to a room and it will give it a fresh, updated feeling.

Some of the easiest ways to add some of this hot design trend to your home are:

  • Linens in black or with a strong black and white pattern. Items such as napkins, tablecloths, pillow covers, comforters, and throw blankets are all easily switched out in a room and can generally be found rather inexpensively.

  • Take a look at your walls.  Do you have any mirrors or artwork in wooden or metal-toned frames?  Consider replacing them with chunky black frames in clean, simple lines…or painting over existing frames with paint in a glossy black finish.
  • Accessories such as candle holders, vases, and bowls can be often be found in inexpensive shops in a variety of colors; a set of three (one of each) with simple lines arranged together on a counter-top or table is sure to be a bold, fashionable moment in any room.


  • Bathrooms are often the easiest rooms to update as changing a few accessories changes nearly the entire room.  Switch out colorful towels for bright white ones, add a shower curtain in a lovely black and white pattern, place a couple of wrapped soaps in a coordinating pattern…there you go!  Exciting new room!

So be bold! Add some drama to your interior design with a dash of black!

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