How to Make an Evergreen Mailbox Swag in 10 Minutes


Fresh greens abound this time of year, so all it takes to make a fresh swag for your mailbox is a little greenery, along with some floral foam and wire.  Take a look around your neighborhood for magnolia, boxwood, and holly to add to your swag.  Tree lots give away all their leftover branches, which is a great base for a swag.  img_3617

If you have a regular mailbox with a post, wedge a small piece of floral foam right under the horizontal piece coming out of the post and start adding your greenery right and left until it starts filling in.  Add branches spilling out the top too.

You can take a small bit of floral wire and wrap around a couple of the branches to secure it to your mailbox post in the back  in case of wind.  Keep filling in with more branches, a little magnolia or whatever you have available until it gets fuller and more lush.


Add some pine cones with the floral wire, along with a bow and some leftover Christmas balls.  Plastic ones would be great for outdoors and I plan to look for some in the after-Christmas sales.  img_3619

And there you have it!  A mailbox swag in just about 10 minutes. It’s an easy and fun project that is so much better than your neighbor’s fake green swags with red velvet bows.  I love to be different, don’t you?! And this is absolutely free by using whatever is available in YOUR yard and I know you all have some ribbon left over.  Give it a try for a festive mailbox!

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    I love this idea. I was thinking you could even put this out earlier in the year.. say Thanksgiving time. You could make the bow interchangable, for Thanksgiving you could have a orange or yellow bow and change it out to red or green for christmas. The greenery will usually last for a long time in the colder weather.