How To Make Window Cornice Boxes

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Learn how to make window cornice boxes and you’ll create a whole new look for your windows and spice up your décor at the same time. Cornice boxes are a simple but very effective way to add a tailored and classy look to your windows. They’re easy to make and can be covered with any color and texture of fabric your heart desires.

Cornices are rigid, boxlike frames created from a lightweight particleboard or plywood. Cornice boxes sit at the top of a window as sort of a “valance”. It’s easy to customize cornice boxes with fabric, paint, and wallpaper so they fit your style and décor.

How to Make Cornice Boxes for Your Windows

You’ll love this simple do-it-yourself project once you figure out how easy it is to make window cornice boxes. You’ll also save quite a bit by building the boxes yourself.

What will you need?

  • Wood or particleboard
  • Basic tools – saw, hammer, nails, measuring tape
  • L-brackets
  • Covering for your cornice box – fabric and batting, wallpaper, or paint

Get started by first measuring the window. Determine how long and how wide you want the cornice box to be – this will depend on the length and width of your window.

From the wood or particleboard, cut your front panel and two return pieces. These three pieces will form the “box” with the return pieces coming out from the wall. The standard size for the return pieces is usually 6 inches, but if you have unusually large windows, you may want to adjust that measurement slightly.

Use the L-brackets to secure the return pieces to the front panel.

To cover the cornice box with fabric, first wrap the box with batting and secure it to the back of the board with staples. Wrap the box and batting with the fabric, pulling it taut so it is nicely distributed over the entire box. Secure it with staples as well.

If you’re painting the cornice box, sand the wood first and make sure the edges are softened prior to painting. Wallpaper is adhered to the cornice box using glue. Just make sure to measure the wallpaper accurately so that no part of the wood is peeking through the edges.

Mount your brand new cornice box securely to the window frame using L-brackets.

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Cornice Boxes are Custom Window Fashions

It’s really that easy to learn how to make cornice boxes for your home! The nice thing about cornice boxes is that they provide a canvas for you to decorate with whatever colors, fabrics, or textures you need to compliment the décor of your space.

Because you can easily build them to fit any size window, cornice boxes are the ideal choice for making your home appear as though it has a designer’s touch.

Cornice boxes look great in every room of the house: bedrooms, dining room, parlor, den, office, living room, foyer, and even in some kitchens. There really is no limit to the way you can cover them and create customized window fashions for every room in the house.

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