7 Incredibly Creative Flower Gardens

Incredible Flower Garden Inspirations

Those April showers did their trick! May flowers are blooming everywhere. Now that the weather is warmer, we’re going to be seeing color blossoms on trees, bushes, and in garden beds.

Need a little inspiration to bring some of this color to your own garden or yard? We’ve got some gorgeous eye candy in the form of creative flower gardens for you that will do just that!

Flowers Spilling From a Flowerpot for Garden Inspirations

Flowers spilling out of flower pot by Interior Holic. Gorgeous, huh? The link has a tutorial as well, so you can have the look yourself.

Mossy and Flowery Repurposed Chair

Mossy and flowery chair by Oscar Mora. This is magical; would look lovely tucked into a glower bed or under a weeping willow tree.

Wooden chair recycled as planterWooden chair recycled as planter from FittoGarden’s Flickr. Could this be more adorable? Could work with almost any type of wooden chair.

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Tire recycled as a creative planterTire recycled as planter by The Greenhouse Diaries. Pretty cute little creation; would look at home alongside cottage steps.

Garden entrance with flowers and archGarden entrance with flowers and arch from Moonman501’s Flickr. It looks like nothing bad could ever happen beyond that gateway. So lovely.

Colorful wall of flowers and windowsThis cascade of color and greens found on Whimsical Raindrop Cottage is bound to bring a smile to any face. If you need some color in your life, here you go!

Bicycle overflowing with flowers

 Bicycle overflowing with a waterfall of flowers by Paris Hotel Boutique Journal. Oui, Oui!

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