Involving Children in Decorating Their Rooms

The goal of a good interior designer is to help clients find their own aesthetic voice and to create spaces that reflect their personality and tastes, not the style of the designer.

As parents, we can do the same for our children in their personal space…their bedrooms.  Need some inspiration as to how to involve your child in decorating their room?  Follow these suggestions to create a room both you and your child will love.

Let them pick the palette.  Take your child to the hardware store and let them go crazy picking out paint swatches (they are wonderful for art projects, so they won’t need to go to waste).  In all likelihood you will be handed some crazy colors.  But don’t worry; pick a toned-down version of a color you like for the walls.  You can incorporate some of the more vibrant colors in fabrics, accessories, an accent wall, or even a fun mural or stencil.

Don’t get hung up on the notion of a “theme.” For some reason, children’s rooms are the one place in the home where parents often adopt a unifying theme:  Noah’s Ark, Beaches, the Circus.  Avoid this temptation…there will be much more room for creativity.


Take a trip to the fabric store together. Involving children in the wonderful selections in a fabric store will really allow them to put their fingerprint on their room.  Even those of us who don’t have real sewing skills can put together a simple comforter cover…if that’s not up your alley you can use fabric glue or sticky tape to fashion some throw pillows.  Still not interested in that project?  Put some whimsical fabrics in frames…they make delightful artwork for a children’s room.

Think outside of the frame. In addition to fabric (which I suggest an adult does to avoid bunching or rippling), gather other items together and let your kids go wild putting making collages to be put into frames.   Family photographs, silk flowers, beads, their own artwork…the possibilities are endless, and children love seeing their artwork framed.

Put their name on it…literally. Craft stores often have large selections of unpainted wooden letters in a variety of styles; let your child participate in selecting the letters of his name.  They may pick a mixture of upper and lower case, and in more than one style, because they aren’t encumbered by the constraints of our conventions.  Paint them with a few of those funky paint colors they selected in their paint swatches…this will be an accessory they will always treasure!

Display some of their favorite belongings. A football, a tutu, a necklace collection or bowl of rocks.  Things that are dear to your children and have meaning for them should adorn their space.  Letting their personalities shine in their room will help them let their personalities shine in the world.

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