Make a Wire Cloche

The French developed the glass cloche, or bell jar, of solid glass shaped like a dome. It’s purpose was to protect garden plants from cold and frost. So, what’s the purpose of a wire cloche?

Why, whatever you want it to be !

Supplies Needed to Buy a Wire Cloche

For this project you’ll need:

  • chicken wire 12″ in height
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • wire snippers
  • needle nose pliers

I found a whole roll of chicken wire at a yard sale for just 25 cents….. amazing what you find at yard sales…anyway….you need a piece approx. 22″ long.

Binding the wire to form the cloche

When you cut the wire you’ll end up with these ends that you just wrap around the other end to join. Start by making a tube shape & then work on shaping the top, which can be tricky. Some of the wire will have to be cut away to get that shape. Just keep working it & crimping the wires so none are sticking out & soon you’ll have a wire cloche. It’ll end up perfectly imperfect!

Add a knob with a washer to hold it in place, spray paint if you like and there you have it.

Wire Cloche for a Country Kitchen Decor

 Perfect for a seasonal display of mini pumpkins, ornaments, a special cupcake for your valentine or just about anything.

What do you think?