Mirror Dresser for $35

How you can get a fabulous mirrored dresser for $35 dollars.

Here’s what I did:

Carlee&house 020small Furniture3

  • Saved a mirror from bathroom redo.
  • Received an old dresser for free.
  • Had my local glass guy cut the mirror to fit, $20.
  • Painted the dresser- Regent Metallic Silver base- from Ralph Lauren paints.
  • Picked up some simple handles from the hardware store $15
  • Used liquid Nails Mirror adhesive to attach mirrors to dresser.

Here are a few before pictures:

This project was fairly simple.  Basically just some painting and gluing. {I left the mirror cutting to the professionals.}

Here are a few tips-

  • Take good measurements of the piece that you want mirrored.
  • Don’t be afraid to think out side of the box….I almost threw away that old mirror.
  • Paint can do wonders for just about any dresser in good shape.
  • Buy longer screws for the handles- with the added width of the mirror the screws that came with the handles were too short.

Do you have a remodeling project in the works? Tell us about it!

What do you think?



  1. 22
    Avatar vivianmurillo says

    truely loved this piece you did a great job iam going to make this my next project thNKS FOR ALL THE GREAT TIPS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!

  2. 23

    I’m love it! So did you have to have the holes drilled thru glass for handles?
    I’m want one! Nice work. …..

  3. 24
    Avatar Heather Dudley says

    How you do the holes for the knobs for the dressers?

  4. 26
    Avatar Danette Smith says

    Beautiful, dresser! How did you turn the top single drawer into two drawers? Also, how did you create the scalloped edge on the bottom of the dresser?

  5. 27

    Thanks for sharing. How ate the mirror edges finished?Also to get the holes for knobs. Did you take drawers to glass cutters or the complete piece,to get measurements correct.

  6. 29

    I think this is awesome! I have wanted this dresser from Pier 1 for forever but refuse to spend that much on a dresser. Do you have any more awesome redos?

  7. 30

    How did you drill into the mirror for the handles without cracking the mirror?

    • 31

      When drilling glass keep it wet, NEVER apply pressure just let the drill slowly do its work and begin drilling at a 45 degree angle and slowly transition it to 90 degrees. Not a quick process and wear eyewear.

  8. 32

    How did you attach the handles?

  9. 33

    how much do you charge?

  10. 34

    i really love this im thinking of redoing my dresser any good ideas…my is a cherry finsh i would love to make this

  11. 35

    how did you get the screws Handles) through the glass? or did the glass cutter guy do this for you? …. great idea. Well done.

  12. 36

    Wow, this is fantastic! I have a nightstand I would love to try this on. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. 37

    Hi Ladies- thanks for stopping by.
    To answer Karla’s question- yes, my glass cutting guy made the holes to. I was surpirsed on how little he charged me for it.
    Thanks for all your kind comments.
    Happy Day

  14. 38

    What a beautiful project!

  15. 39

    amazing job Teresa, looks real nice.

  16. 40

    Wow, this turned out really great! So inspirational – I might have to try a mirrored dresser out soon!

  17. 41

    Oh now this is awesome. I’ve had an idea for this same kind of thing for awhile now, but not quite sure how to implement it. I wonder how hard it is to find a guy to cut glass for $20 bucks though. :\ hmm…we shall see. 🙂

  18. 42

    Teresa, this is one of the coolest (and most beautiful) ideas I’ve ever seen. Thank you!

  19. 43

    Gorgeous! I love it! Did they drill the holes for the dresser knobs through the mirror too? That is what has always stopped me from doing a mirrored dresser. The professional cutting is much less than I thought. Those mirrors are free on craigslist all the time! I gave ours away in lieu of our framed mirror a few years ago.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂