Decorating with White Dishes all over the House!

Hello, my name is The Nester and I am addicted to white dishes.  And serving platters. And trays. And nonwhite dishes.

Decorating With White Dishes Around the House

I have a problem collecting all things dish.  That problem results in larger problems like stacks of platters and serving bowls falling out of my hutch and pantry whenever I venture to open them.  Oh, but I have found a fantastic solution!  Besides hanging my extra dishes on the wall, I decided to use some in my bathroom!

Did your stomach just turn at the mention of dishes in the bathroom?   If not, this might help; the other day I was making pizza and I could not get the jar open for the life of me.  My husband was in the shower so yes, I took that jar of sauce on up there to him.  Something about handing that jar of pizza sauce over to him in that shower was so repulsive.  He was not repulsive in the least but pizza sauce in the shower?  Wasn’t there a Seinfeld about that?White serving dishes in the bathroom

So, what about using that neat iron serving thing-a-ma-jig in your bathroom?  I know you have one.

White Serving Dish Turned into Bathtub Accessory Holder

This is a neat one!  I have used it for artichoke dip before!  Sick!

Dishes to Hide Extras Out of Sight

This crock never even made it to the kitchen.  He hides my razor and shaving cream next to the tub.  There’s a chip in it but you can’t see it, can you?

Now, I bet you have something packed away all lonely just waiting to be used and appreciated!  Why don’t you go look and see what kind of treasures you can find in your own cupboards.  Maybe it has a crack or a chip but you better believe that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful–or useful!

Photos by the author. 

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  1. 37

    I love the server for the bathroom so much I shared in the my bathroom counter organizing round up and I may even add it to my bathroom makeover in the spring. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog!!!

  2. 38

    Where can I get one of those black wrought-iron 3-tiered pie plate holders? I’ve looked everywhere.

  3. 39

    Great ideas; simply and affordable. Thanks

  4. 40

    these are really good ideas! I like the plate rack looks good

  5. 41

    Great Ideas! Where did you get the iron serving dishes? I can’t seem to find one that cute anywhere!

  6. 42

    Hi Dear! Congratulations for your blog and brilliant ideas … I am researching soaps artesais and very interested by the products that you put on the plates. You can please show me the manufacturers name or where can I buy? Thank you kindly. Oops! I saw your post through the Pinterest. Thank you !!!!

  7. 43

    Love using vertical space! Good ideas, all! Thank you!

  8. 44

    Where did you get the plate rack?

  9. 45

    Thanks- never thought of using “the thing iron serving thing” anywhere but the kitchen.
    I had thoughts of getting rid of it- not no more. Much appreciate it.

  10. 46
    Tonni Geezer says:

    I did the white dishes thing too!
    It looks so sharp!

  11. 47

    I have the same fetish… collecting dishes. Great way to actually use them!

  12. 48

    These look great! Could you come decorate my house? Pretty please???? Whenever I try to do that kind of stuff it never looks that good! 🙂

  13. 49

    *WOW* *WOW* !!!

    How gorgeous is this? It makes your bathroom look like a spa! Beautiful idea!

  14. 50

    Love Love Love this idea!! Thanks!

  15. 51

    I have that neat iron serving thing and I even tried to put it in my bathroom but I forgot the key element – DISHES! *thunks head HARD*

    *running downstairs to get the thing and some white plates -goodness knows I have a squillion of ’em – and get to work on my new “project” in my bathroom.

  16. 52

    The decorating with white dishes caught my eye….head over to my blog to see what I did to an old plate I discovered the other day…just stamped it on that sucker and instant beauty!



  17. 53

    The pictures are wonderfully inspiring. Very “Victoria” magazine meets Rachel Ashwell.

    I love your collection of powder room goodies.

  18. 54

    You know I have a million dishes laying around too…love to see new ways to use them that I haven’t thought of before….

  19. 55

    Very pretty decorating ideas. Looks so nice!

  20. 56

    What a great idea! The big iron serving thing makes it look like a fancy bed-and-breakfast bathroom. 🙂

  21. 57

    Great idea, it doesn’t even seem like they are dishes, they are so pretty!

  22. 58

    I love white dishes. They just go with any colors and they are so clean and crisp looking.

  23. 59

    NICE ideas! This is another reason I need to make more time to read!! I have a 3 tier plate stand as in the top of this post and I have plenty of cool dishes stored behind the glass doors in my hutches that would look COOL in my bathroom! Thanks for the great ideas!

  24. 60

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! Thank you Nester! 🙂 🙂 I gotta go hit the thrift shop for plates soon… I’ll blame you when my hubby asks why! LOL

  25. 61

    Okay, so that is gorgeous. But how do you prevent your kids from knocking it over and blasting it to smithereens?

  26. 62

    I have a dish holder thingee (with three spots) from Pampered Chef and then three of the Simple Additions white bowls/plates on it, and it is in my craft room!

  27. 63

    I do NOT have one of those iron serving thingamajigs. But clearly I NEED one. Or two, one to have in the kitchen and one to have in the bathroom. This looks good but it’s also space saving because it’s vertical. Great idea! And yours has four tiers, usually they only have three. And that artichoke/soap dish is so cute! I want you to know that you have inspired me to “shop the house” and I’ve actually found things I’d forgotten all about. Thanks!

  28. 64

    Hi, Nester! I, too, am a collector of “all things dish.” Cute artichoke dip/nail brush dish! Is it milkglass? WHAT is that incredible piece of furniture the serving dish stand is sitting on?? I know it’s incredible just by that tiny corner I see of it. I reckon I am off now, back to your blog to sift through the archives in search of a hopeful glimpse of this piece of furniture.

  29. 65
    Toniette says:

    I do this!
    But I do it with the dishes I use everyday! I’ve got a great buffet/hutch that I’ve painted black, and then I ended up with tonnes of white dishes at my bridal showers… put them together, and it looks great! Even the everyday plates and bowls are in there.. that sure frees up the cupboard space in my lil kitchen 🙂

  30. 66

    Can I just tell you how much I love this! Dishes are the best, anywhere. Thanks for giving me an excuse to stop by the thrift store today.

  31. 67

    SO pretty. I never would have thought of this.

  32. 68
    deb meyers says:

    that’s so pretty, nester.

    I regularly use a vintage light fixture to serve salsa…does that count?

    deb meyers

  33. 69

    great ideas!

  34. 70

    I can count on Nester to give me my “aha!” moment on a daily basis. Thanks!

  35. 71

    Love this idea…not because Im going to use dishes in my bathroom…by bathrooms dont have the counter space..booo hooo…BUT it makes me THINK. I have a LOVELY large, curvy, unique, white gravy boat I put my mail in. I just bought the gravy boat because I loved the shape of it and the size. I knew when I got home I would think of something and walla, I did.

  36. 72

    See! I just love those cool touches and never think of them myself. Which is why I have become your biggest stalker.