Mother’s Day Nest Pendants {a tutorial}

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. May 11th, to be exact. That still gives you a few days to find the most original, most unique and most thoughtful gift for Mom. Or, you can make her something. {Handmade gifts are what moms like best anyway.}
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

Want to make her something that she’ll love for years to come? Follow a few simple steps with me today as we make Mom a nest pendant filled with “eggs” that represent each of her children. It’ll be fun! And she’s going to LOVE it.

First, gather your supplies.
Nest Pendant Supplies
{You’ll need needle nose pliers, 24 gauge beading wire, beads, jump rings and a necklace to put your finished pendant on.}

Start by counting out how many beads you’ll need. One bead, or “egg”, will represent each child. Of course these pendants would be perfect for grandmothers as well. In which case you’ll put as many eggs in her nest as she has grandchildren.

Once you have your eggs chosen string them onto your wire and wrap the end loose end around them until you feel it’s secure.
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

Now, begin to wrap the wire in a non-uniform manner. By that, I mean to just be carefree. {If you’re a perfectionist you’re going to have to set that sense aside for this project.}
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

Think of a momma bird building her nest. Her twigs and strings and straw are all nonchalantly placed in nest form. It’s not perfect. However, it’s secure. So be sure you’re wrapping your wire secure.
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

It’s beginning to take shape, yes? While you wrap, wrap and wrap some more think of the smile on Mom’s face when she opens this gift.

Almost finished.

Once you’ve wrapped the wire until you feel it looks like the most perfect bird’s nest clip it with your pliers. Be sure to leave 2-3 inches.
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

Use those 2-3 inches you just left loose to begin to secure your creation. You can add one or two more wires if you feel it needs it but, it’s not necessary.

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Mother's Day Nest Pendant

Add a jump ring to the back and string it on your chain. You did it! You just made a gift for mom {or grandma} that she will absolutely treasure for years to come.
Mother's Day Nest Pendant

The best part, these pendants can be made with one egg or five or eight or ten. The more eggs the bigger the pendant. Or, make it a brooch.
Mother's Day Nest Pendants

Share with us your finished Nest Pendant, will you? We’d would love to see it!

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