Must-Have’s in Pantone’s 2017 Color of The Year, Greenery

pantone color of the year greenery

Have you heard that Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2017? I think the best description for the new color trend that we will be seeing everywhere this spring, Greenery, would be green apple or spring green, but it also reminds me so much of matcha … which in turn makes me hungry just looking at it.  And seeing as this is my favorite color, it sure does make me all kinds of happy. Pantone has predicted this lovely hue as a fashion color trend for spring, which is perfect seeing as it makes me think so much of foliage, moss, and fresh green shoots appearing on the trees.


So, in honor of this, my favorite color, I’ve rounded up a few fabulous ideas for bringing a little greenery into your life this year.


There are so many ways you can add a little greenery into your home, from rugs to furniture, picture frames, and kitchenware.


Brit & Co.

You can see the beautiful greenery home decor items I’ve rounded up above, but here it is again with details on the

items, including yarn, kitchenware, and home decor.

Pantone's 'Greenery' For The Home
color of the year 11-Song-Qi-Monaco-photo-Matthieu-Salvaing-yatzer

Song Qui by Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet

I have a little greenery throughout my own home, from the reclining reading chair in my bedroom to the fabric wrapped canvas hanging above the fireplace, a wall collage of frames include a few in ‘greenery’, and accents of green bottles and vases throughout.

A reclining reading chair in Pantone's color of the year, Greenery.

And not only is spring just around the corner, but I think this is perfect timing with St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon too. Add a subtle touch of greenery to your wardrobe or your home.


Of course fashion is where I’m sure we will see a lot of greenery appearing this spring, so I’ve put together a couple of simple ideas on how you can add it into your own wardrobe.

Pantone's "Greenery" Fashion for Her

I absolutely love those boots, they need to magically appear in my wardrobe, along with the poppy scarf too that has just a hint of greenery on it.

Or maybe I could wear them with this scarf, which I’ve worn almost all of winter so far.

a scarf in Pantone's color of the year, greenery

I mentioned above that the color reminded me of matcha, so go ahead and add a little greenery into your food by making these Baby Matcha Eclairs and, grab a ball of that lovely green yarn I linked to above and knit a pair of these fingerless gloves.

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    I love this green so much!!! We are actually using it in some of our marketing campaigns at the office. Such a vibrant and beautiful shade.