Naughty and Nice Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings: It’s our favorite time of year when us snail mailers come out of hibernation because our greeting card season has begun! The holidays bring out the best creativity in cards and we just can’t get enough. It is so much fun to give and receive beautiful little works of art with some hilarious wittiness that can be so meaningful to each individual. It is a way you can give a personalized thoughtful gift without breaking the bank. I assure you all of these cards will leave a lasting mark!


Who doesn’t love Meryl Streep? When in doubt, give them this card and you will their hearts!


I adore everything Good Juju Ink creates. With their beautiful illustrations and heartfelt with a flair of witty word, these cards will surely be saved and placed on display.


The perfect card for happy hour!  See more here: Etsy


Naughty and Sweet!


Who can resist this sweet and warm holiday greeting by Hartland Brooklyn


For more Ideas on creating your own greeting cards see,


Why I Still Send Holiday Cards by Snail Mail – And You Should Too!

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