Organize Your Home: The Beauty of Baskets

Organize Your Home: The Beauty of Baskets

I constantly find myself buying baskets, bins and things that will help me stay organized. Whether it’s metal hanging baskets for my mail or colorful bins for the kid’s toys, I love the idea of being able to throw things in baskets.

I like to call it “half hearted” organization because technically…when you throw things in baskets it’s not necessarily fully organized. But it sure does do the trick of making you look like a professional organizer, right?

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Playroom


The simple act of taking 400 toys and divvying them up between a few different pretty baskets takes my chaotic playroom from looking like Toys-R-Us just exploded to a neatly cleaned kids area.

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Craft Closet

I love the idea of taking an unused closet space and turning it into a craft area. Beneath My Heart made this space not only functional, but gorgeous.

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Magazine Bins

Baskets are great for magazines and look a whole lot better than just throwing them on your coffee table. I love the style of this wire baskets used by Liz Marie.

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Closet

Who says your closet can’t be beautiful? Love of Family and Home did a wonderful job of using bins for drawer space.

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Kitchen Command Center

House of Rose used metal hanging baskets to create a organized kitchen command center.  Instead of letting the counter be the “catch all” now she has an area to put all of the mail.


Organize Your Home With Baskets - Bathroom Storage

I love how Our Fifth House used towel hooks to hang wicker baskets in the bathroom. A great place to store {and hide} extra toilet paper.

Organize Your Home With Baskets - Basket Chandelier

The most unique use of baskets I have came across yet comes from All Things Thrify. She hung metal baskets upside down and created a dining room chandelier.

What is your favorite way to organize with baskets? We’d love to hear! Share in the comments below.

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  1. 5

    I’m totally basket obsessed! They make me look organized and keep me somewhat sane.

  2. 6

    What a great way to organize and decorate! I’m loving that shoe shelf with the baskets. Genius. We mainly use baskets to store our son’s toys, but I would love to vamp up the basket love! 🙂

  3. 7

    Great post!! I am more than obsessed with baskets & it’s so fun to see some amazing uses for them. xx Liz Marie

  4. 8

    WHen I saw the link, my heart went pitter patter! That is how I feel about baskets and containers!!! I have the hanging baskets as House of Rose…from Wisteria. I have a closet off the kitchen in the mud room area and it’s my “cleaning closet”. I have the hanging baskets on the back wall of the closet with my cleaning supplies in it. It.Is.Fab!! It was a little pricey, but if you get it on sale!!!

    I also love the hanging wicker baskets in the bathroom…esp a 1/2 bath with a pedestal sink with no storage! It’s great!! I currently use a large wire basket lined in burlap to hold my extra TP in the 1/2 bath.

    Thanks for doing this post. I LOVE it!!!

  5. 9

    Such great ideas, Mandy! I love decorating with baskets – easy and pretty storage solutions 🙂