Organizing and decorating with glass jars

Jar sewing kit, Martha… other three images from my personal collection

A glass container is one of my favorite every day decorating and organizing accessory of all time. Is there no end to what you can do with a glass jar? Big jars, little jars, lidded jars, fat jars, tall jars, they are all good!

And the best thing about jars? You can collect tons of them for free when you buy food! In all likelihood, you have glass containers and jars in your cupboard right now not being used to their full potential!

I love frugal ideas that can serve many purposes,
all through the house.

What are your ideas for jars?

Untrained Housewife has 25 ways to use a glass jar or check out this luminary glowing glass jar tutorial on Blissfully Domestic!

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    I take the jars from used candles, freeze out the wax (clean it) and use it in my bathroom to hold Cotton balls, Q-tips etc.. They look great and keep my bathroom organized!

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    At Christmastime, my Mom fills clear jars with green and red M&Ms and peppermints and sets them out on the counter. So festive!