Pottery Barn Style Decorating For Less

Pottery Barn is a name we have all come to recognize as an authority in home decorating. We drool over the catalog and wish we could buy everything on the page. Unfortunately not all of us can afford the Pottery Barn prices. There are some tricks and tips you can learn and quickly achieve a home decorating look that is just as classic and stylish as that of Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Bedroom

Eight easy steps to achieve Pottery Barn style

Step #1.Go to the Pottery Barn website and study the room settings, tutorials and videos. You may not realize there are loads of free decorating tips on the PB website, which will be your “secret weapon” to achieving this wonderful look.

Step #2.Pottery Barn has a line of Benjamin Moore paints that are featured in all the room settings. You can find the entire color pallete on the PB website and even view that color in a room setting! This paint will be your best tool for giving an entire room a PB look right away and for very little money.

Step #3.Choose furniture pieces that are classic in style. Sofas should be kept in neutral colors. You will save a lot of money in the long run if you buy quality classic pieces and spend a little more initially, because you won’t be replacing them as often.

Pottery Barn Family Room

Step #4.Once you have painted the walls, and chosen the furniture for any room, you will want to adds pops of color in your throws, pillows, window coverings, and rugs. Again you will see this repeated over and over in the PB catalogs and website.

Step #5.Now for the fun part…. Accessorize! If you study PB style it is all about adding interesting items that are well placed within a space. Avoid making your rooms look too cluttered. Instead choose carefully and have your accents make an impact. A few well placed items will look much better than many small items scattered all over.

Pottery Barn Keys

Step #6.Shop at flea market and thrift stores to find vintage inspired items. Pottery Barn is notorious for having interesting “found objects” that add the perfect interest to a wall, table, or shelf in the home.

Step #7.Watch the PB website for constant sales, and free shipping offers. There are also some PB outlets throughout the U.S. where you will find significant savings.

Step #8.Shop the big box stores, who are copying the look of Pottery Barn so well. You can find everything from furniture to accents. You will soon be able to recognize “copy cat” items that will help you achieve the desired look. When shopping around, look for useful storage pieces and shelves. Tables, mirrors, window coverings, lamps, rugs, and accessories.

With some effort and a keen eye you can be a savvy shopper and achieve the Pottery Barn look for less!

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    Do you knwo which pattern this pottery barn duvet is? I would love to try and find it on ebay. Thanks

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    You are so right..I really wanted a fabrid slip covered bed but couldn’t force myself to pay the Pottery Barn price,,I searched and seached on the internet finally found the same bed at JCP.com for less than half!!!!

  3. 7

    You would also be surprised what you can find on craigslist! A PB Pearce sectional like new for $1200 still sells for almost $4K a West Elm Sofa and side chair that still sells for nearly $2K for $200.00 WOW! An Arlington chair that sells right now for nearly $1200 for $150 and they delivered it to my house! 6 months new and MINT! Can’t get enough???? check out their website and type in outlets…They will ship almost anything and have up 40-60% store cost because it is last season. NEVER buy full price and you will love it even more! ENJOY

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    Keep the great ideas and tips coming!

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    What great tips! I’m bookmarking this. We have a big decorating project coming up for our new business, and this will be helpful. Let’s chat at Relevant! 🙂