Pretty Porches – Decorating an Outdoor Living Room

The great outdoors is the “living room” of the summer – and nothing is as inviting on a summer day than a pretty porch… decked in flowers and ferns, comfy rockers, soft lighting and maybe even a little music playing (Sinatra for me!) in the background. I love to look for inspiration on how to decorate my porch for summertime – I hope these great ideas inspire you too!

This is a more modern porch – love the day bed and the decor – definitely an outdoor room!

This swing is glorious! Naps, coffee and a good book – sigh…

This is such an inviting space – small meals outside, chatting with friends over ice cold lemonade, or board games with the family while the fireflies light up the evening… The soft cushions, cute table with rocking chairs, and colorful flowers are perfect!

We are currently renting a home, so I am limited to my decor ideas for my porch – I would love to hear some ideas from you!

What do you think?



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    i love your porch designs, especially the swings…

  2. 3

    These look great except they are all missing something–a pet!