Refurbished Side Chair, Painted Snowbound White

Refurbish a Wood Chair - Stylish Painting Technique

The Holidays are quickly approaching and it’s crunch time. Decorating our home for the holidays takes time, but it’s a lot of fun. I don’t just take out Thanksgiving and replace with our Christmas decorations.

I go beyond like painting, decorating, designing something new, and I even refurbish furniture to make the old look new again.

I decided to refurbish this cute side chair that was in my shop for months now. I needed something, a chair to anchor our living space together and new this side chair would be perfect. A chair that can be placed off to the side when not in use. I added a cute chevron patterned lumbar pillow for a designer look.

I love this pillow, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Simple in design, but adds texture to the space. Made from 100% cotton, I think I need to purchase a couple more for my bar stools in the kitchen.

Painted Chair - After - Snowball Painting Effect


This chair was in okay condition and the color was just fading and old, needed a new look for sure! So I decided a little sanding and some paint will give this chair a new lease on life, no more wasting away in my work shop.

Wooden Chair Remodel - Before Picture


  • Paint brush
  • sandpaper 80 grit
  • rags (wet and dry for easy cleanup)
  • 1 qt. of paint (snowbound white with primer)
  • wax finish (for durability)
  • stencil
  • small pillow
  • sanding block (my favorite)

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First using your damp rag, remove dirt and grime from your chair if any, wipe down completely and let dry. I love using my electric orbital sander for quick paint removal, this speeds up the process a bit. After i like using a sanding block for the hard to reach places.

Again, wipe clean with a wet rag or vacuum up all the dust completely,  I prefer to use a damp rag for a thorough cleanup making for I didn’t miss a spot. Paint brush in one hand holding the chair with the other, now it’s time to paint. I suggest you have primer added to your paint for a few dollars more, this saves time.


After I painted my side chair and placed her our living room I was so happy with the results.  I added this chevron pillow for a designer look and than I stenciled a cute flower burst on the seat for a little character using a bluish gray color Distance. I enjoy changing our space often so I prefer colors that  will match easily with other colors that I love.

How to Remodel a Wooden Chair for Cheap

Have you tried refurbishing furniture?  I love refurbishing furniture, it’s my passion. It’s an  inexpensive way to decorate your space without breaking the bank. Re-use what you have; a little paint goes a long way!

Refurbished Chair on the Cheap - Paint and Stencil DIY

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    Wow Nicole, you’re so gifted and this is an easy project and not expensive!!! Thanks for the tips!!!!!!