Seed Wedding Favors for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding favors are gifts for guests as a token of the bride and groom’s appreciation. Gifting plant seedlings, seeds or bulbs adds an eco touch to a wedding. Seed wedding favors reflect a bride and groom’s desire to give back to the environment on their most special day. In addition, plant seedlings symbolize the start of a new life and hence, make perfect favors. Here are some ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful green gifts for wedding guests.

Seed Wedding Favors in Handmade, Eco Packages

Gifting seedlings or seeds can be easy and simple since all one has to do is buy the desired seeds in bulk and then, present them to the wedding guests. And if the packaging is eco-friendly as well, it makes the wedding favor even more meaningful and special. You can choose from easily available, earth-friendly packaging such as recycled paper, compostable plates or cups, organic cotton or natural fabric favor bags and add a special note with instructions for the seedlings.

Choosing Green Wedding Favors: Seeds, Seed Paper, Saplings, Bulbs

The bride and groom can choose from a range of favors for an eco wedding. While wildflower seeds and seedlings are the easiest to gift guests, they can also opt for tree saplings or plant bulbs. Choosing wedding favors according to the season in which the wedding is taking place adds an extra-special touch. For instance, winter wedding favors can include carnation flower seeds accompanied by a pinecone or two while spring weddings can give away marigold or daisy seeds in brightly-colored favor bags and brides with an autumn eco wedding can gift maple seeds packaged in Fall colors.

Saplings may seem difficult to gift but actually, aren’t so. In fact, guests would love to receive a tender plant wrapped in earth-friendly burlap, an eco wedding favor signifying the growth and foundation of a new marriage.

Seed paper is another great eco wedding favor and is convenient and easy-to-give. The seeds are pressed into paper pulp and sprout directly from the plantable paper once it is placed under soil.

Where to Find Seed Wedding Favors

Earth-friendly brides can shop online for seed and eco wedding favors or head out to the local nursery to buy loose seeds in bulk. Online, there are several options to choose from. Botanical Paperworks sells inexpensive, plantable seed wedding favors made of paper. They have a range of colors and designs to choose from and also, offer plantable wedding favor boxes and wedding invitations.

Evergreen Memories offers tree seedlings, clay pot seedlings, as well as seed favors in 3 designs – sunflower, forget-me-not and tree seeds, and come complete with packaging, instructions and other add-ons. Forever and Always is another site that sells flower seed wedding favors in customized, personalized packaging. They have 8 varieties to choose from with symbolic meanings of the flower on the back of each package.

Eco wedding favors are special and symbolic. They also reflect the values and personality of the wedding couple. Besides being inexpensive, these green gifts can be personalized and customized to add a truly special touch for the guests and wedding party.

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