Seven Fabulous Centerpieces Full of Personality

Centerpieces are…well, just that. The center of the table, around which friends and family gather to enjoy a meal together.

They set the stage for grand dinner events, set the mood for weekend brunch gatherings, and set the tone for even the most modest of everyday family meals.

So what makes for a fabulous centerpiece? Personality! Whimsy, spunk, elegance, modesty…as long as the centerpiece isn’t drab or nondescript, it’ll bring the WOW factor.

Check out the following centerpieces…revel in their quirkiness and be inspired to bring some personality to your dining table.

Flair for the dramatic.  Like a theater diva, this gorgeous centerpiece adorned with daisies and roses trailing along elegant branches just screams, “Look at me, daaaaaahling!”

Unpretentious sweetheart.  Sometimes the love of your life is the boy next door, and sometimes the perfect centerpiece is sitting right in front of you…an old bird cage with greenery and flowers cut from your garden might be exactly what the heart of your table desires.

Saucy non-conformer.  Just like that cool rebel in high school who didn’t follow trends, a centerpiece can buck trends, too.  Vase?  Nah. Flowers?  Pffffft.  Decorative branches like these from The Nettleton Hollow painted a hot color are sure to spark conversation and enliven any tabletop.

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Perpetually cheerful and childlike.  Those PollyAnna types sure do make a pretty centerpiece, no?  These daisies are actually set in Jello; what a fun DIY project.

Sexy temptress.  You can look, but don’t touch! The greens of the artichokes and asparagus stalks are gorgeously offset by the rich purple ribbon.  Want to make it yourself?  Of course you do!  Here’s the instructions, and you’re welcome!

Pop culture aficionado. Your tabletop with have more than 15 minutes of fame if it’s covered in a slew of these soup cans avec wheat grass.  Fabulous and practical…can’t beat it!

Whimsically romantic.  Everybody loves a romantic, and how gorgeous is this twinkly setting?  A cluster of clear wine glasses adorned with white pillar candles.  Beautiful.

Every tabletop deserves a little dash of personality…share how you add character to your centerpieces!


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