The Easter Tree

Easter Tree Centerpiece Tutorial
This Easter tree is a simple decoration for the season, while also providing fun entertainment for the whole family.

Making Eggs From Yarn and Balloons

Balloon and Glue Yarn Eggs

To make the eggs for the bottom of the tree, you will need the following:

  • balloon
  • embroidery floss (or yarn)
  • glue water (mix equal parts of both water and glue) – Just throw both in a bowl and stir until it is well mixed.

1. Blow up your balloons. You want them to be smallish and a little oval. Seriously… this will be the hardest thing of this project (blowing air into small balloons = hard).

2. Take a color of floss and submerge it in your glue water. Just let it fall where it may. If you try to neatly wrap it and then submerge it, it becomes a knotted mess — getting knots out of very wet and sticky string is not fun.

3. Wrap your string around your balloon. Get creative and mix colors. It is almost like dying Easter eggs, only — not.

4. Set your string balloons aside to dry. I ended up putting mine out in the sun to dry faster. When they do finish drying, just pop the balloon and remove — very carefully. My “eggs” were just a little fragile.

How to Make Hanging Egg Ornaments

Plastic Egg Hanging Ornaments

Making the “ornaments” for your tree is lots easier than the string eggs. You only need:

  • plastic eggs
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun

1. Put a small dot of hot glue on top of your plastic egg.

2. Glue down one side of your ribbon and add a second dot of hot glue (basically in the same spot as your first dot of glue.

3. Loop your ribbon around and glue down the opposite end of the ribbon on top of the first end.

4. Before adding to your Easter tree, fill with candy and goodies. You could also treat this as an advent tree — a count down to Easter. Number each of the eggs and fill with goodies, family activities that you can do daily, or scriptures of the Easter story to read each night.

To construct your tree tuck the branches into the vase – the more the better. I think I will end up doubling the number of branches in the vase pictured. Add green Easter grass on top and then fill in the gaps!

Arrange your string eggs around the bottom of your tree and hang your egg ornaments on your branches.

Enjoy your Easter season! How are you decorating your table this year?

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