The Painless Way to Arrange a Wall Collage


OK, here’s the story. Two years ago all I wanted for Christmas were picture frames. Love ‘em. I had this grand idea of having candid photos to look at when I walked up the stairs. But I let those pictures sit for a long time (too long to admit!) because I didn’t know the best way to “arrange” them without putting a bunch of holes in the wall!  Here’s a simple solution!

Pull out the left-over wrapping paper, scissors, and a little tape and make templates of your frame shape. Now you’ll know precisely where to put that nail and how it will look on the wall BEFORE hammering in a bunch of nails!


Step 1: Trace each frame onto wrapping paper, grocery sacks, etc. Cut shape.a1
Step 2: Draw an arrow showing the direction of the photo. This is especially helpful when you have multiple frames to hang.

Step 3: With a small bit of tape, attach your wrapping paper to the wall.  See how doing this prevents you from just “guessing” if you got the frame in the right place? This helps you position your photo exactly where you want it.

Step 4: Hang your photos or other pieces of wall art. Simple, painless, and no extra holes to fill!

What do you think?



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    Wow; you’re a genius! This will save a lot of headache b/t my husband and I! Thanks.

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    Avatar Denise Northern says

    Fantastic idea…I am hoping to do something like this up my entry steps…or in my bedroom and it felt very hard and frustrating thinking about it! I think I will use this idea!

  3. 6

    the next time I hang art- I’m using you idea- so much better that trying to cover the “extra” holes I make-

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    great idea! thanks