Ultimate Guide to Summer Home Improvement

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time for DIY projects! Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a few dozen of the coolest summer projects ever. Read on to find amazing ideas to improve your home this season.

Spruce up your interiors with these fantastic ideas.

Try your hand at this surprisingly simple stenciled wallpaper from The Lovely Cupboard. The project takes very little materials and costs only $15. It does require both precision and patience, but as you can see, the results are totally worth your investment.

Create a one of a kind painted glass table top with this tutorial from Kara Paslay Designs.

Got blank walls? Leigh Dusek wrote a great guide on how to fill a large blank wall on a budget. And over at style list.com, you can read about another way to fill your wall with display shelves.

Add crown molding to your windows with this how-to post at curbly.com.

The blog called Nest, nesting, nested, has an instructional post for making a lovely DIY plate rack.

Enhance your home’s exterior and outdoor spaces.

Spruce up your house with outdoor shutters – See which are the best options for you at I Can Fix up My Home.

Add a beautiful garden trellis to your yard choosing from one of these DIY options!

Learn how to paint your front door with a step by step instructional guide over at Thrifty Decor Chick’s blog. She gives a fun and informative guide that will help you paint it and entertain you as you do.


Have you been wanting to add eco-friendly edging to your garden pathways? Learn about your top five options!


Mish Mosh Design has a great tutorial about creating a water garden feature from a wine barrel. This DIY will have you resting outdoors in peaceful sounds of nature in no time!

Kelly Kinkaid wrote a great article on the benefits of setting up a rain barrel outside your home, complete with links on how to do it and where to get supplies.

Create an outdoor grilling station with these seasonally appropriate tips from Tammy Munson.

Summer is also a great time to tackle some of those home organization projects you may have put on the back burner.

The organizing guru here at Blissfully Domestic wrote a helpful piece on how to organize pool accessories and beach toys. You’ll love the simple tips she offered.

Are your scissors and tape constantly disappearing? Check out my post on how to declutter your junk drawer. It’s guaranteed to deliver a zen-like experience every time you reach for a paperclip.

Organize your children’s toys after you read this ingenious post by Leigh Dusek. She really highlights how very simple, inexpensive and functional it is to create an organizational system in the playroom.

Is your home office beginning to look a little cluttered? Blissfully Domestic has a great post on organizing the home office shelves too. An organized work space can really improve your bill paying experience.

Do you have an outdoor kitchen and grilling area? Blissfully Domestic’s organizing guru wrote a great instructional guide to organize the outdoor kitchen and grill.

Make more of your small spaces with these summer project ideas.

Thrifty Decor Chick has an amazing post on how to turn a small closet into a lovely and cozy reading area. She calls it a “book nook,” making it sound even more cozy. The project requires very little cutting and construction and delivers a new place for kids and grownups to hang out in the home.

Alternatively, you can create a Reading Corner in a little extra space in the corner of the room with some simple and inexpensive changes.

Tammy Munson wrote a fabulous piece to give you some creative coat rack ideas.

Have a small backyard? Melissa Michaels wrote an article on Blissfully Domestic on getting creative with a small backyard.

If you need more storage in your small space, check out this post about converting an old file cabinet into DIY Garage Storage. Brilliance from Trash to Treasure!

Don’t miss these other cool projects to keep you out of trouble this summer.

It is unbelievable what you can do with a recycled wood pallet. Here are several DIY projects made from pallets. You’ll love this post from the brightnest blog. From rustic to posh – pallets are great project starters.

Convert a kitchen cabinet into a display cabinet after you read this post by Lisa Hogan on Blissfully Domestic.

Blissfully Domestic has a slew of other cool home improvement projects. Check out this one on painting laminate furniture. What may have seemed impossible is clearly explained here.

Bliss has another guide on transforming your laminate countertops with paint. It’s a gutsy move – but one that can save you a fortune, when compared to the cost of a new countertop.

You’re sure to love this post on Bliss about how to make your own solar oven. What a neat idea!

In this post, Angela Statzer shares her expert tips on furniture painting.

Read this post on Bliss to makeover your bathroom in one day – on a budget. The before and after pictures are amazing and quite inspiring.

Christine also wrote an accompanying piece full of tips for decorating the bathroom.



Click your way over to inmyownstyle.com. They’ve got a great tutorial on how to update a hand-me-down dresser. So pretty.

My Rustic Cottage Life has a great tutorial on reupholstering a vintage chair.

Enjoy the summer. Take this time to have fun and make your home and surroundings more lovely and functional. Which project are you going to try?


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