Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Once the Christmas decorations leave the store shelves the Valentine’s Day cards and decor make their grand appearance {sooner and sooner each year, too}. However, unless you want to take the easy route, the store bought boxed Valentine’s Day cards can be cheesy. The fun and quirky ideas that I’ve gathered for you today are simple enough for your kids to make. Best part? Your kids friends will love them!
Playdoh valentine card

/1/ PlayDoh Valentine – Every kid loves PlayDoh! {It’s never been my favorite activity to sit my kids down to. Ha!} You can find these little bitty containers in the party section or the seasonal section of your store. Cute, right?

Eyes for You Valentines Card

/2/ “Eyes for You” Valentine – The kids will have fun with this googley eye ring long after Valentine’s Day.

Nerdy Valentine

/3/ Nerdy Straw Valentine – Middle school age kids may think it’s childish to take their friends a Valentine, but this one is way cool. The Chemistry teacher may give it an A+!


/4/ Love Potion No. 9 Valentine – What kid doesn’t love Kool-Aid? They’ll be getting enough candy on Valentine’s Day, this “card” will stand out among the crowd.


/5/ Juicy Valentine – With all of the sweets that your kids will be getting on Valentine’s Day, a juice box will be a welcomed treat!

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/6/ You Blow My Heart Up Valentine – This Valentine is so clever…it’ll blow your mind!


/7/ Pirate Valentine – In case your son doesn’t want to take girly Valentine’s cards to his matey’s, here’s a pirate treasure!


/8/ Heart Sunglasses Valentine – Your little girl will be such a rockstar when she takes heart sunglasses to all of the girlies in her class! Tip: I saw heart sunglasses at the Dollar Tree.

Hair Pin Valentine Card

/9/ Bobby Pin Valentine – Have you been trying to find something to do with your small scraps of fabric? This DIY craft is perfect for them!

Valentines Day Cards Kids Can Make

/10/ Horse Lovers Valentine – If you have a horse lover in your house then these cards are for them! You can buy the little horses in bulk to make for a much less expensive card then you might think!

Which of these Valentine’s Day cards is your favorite? Will you make one {or two} of them with your kids? Share the finished product with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram!

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