Vampire Inspired Halloween Party

Are you throwing a vampire-inspired Halloween party this year, but at a loss for decorating ideas? Well, whether your ideal vampire is Bela Legosi, Barnabas Collins, or the glowing teens from Twilight, it’s easy to create the coolest vampire-themed Halloween party ever!

Old-Fashioned Vampires

If you like the old-fashioned vampires, like those in the original Dracula, or the supernatural soap opera, Dark Shadows, try these traditional vampire-theme ideas:

  • Make it clear in the invitations that the theme is a more traditional style. Guests can tease up hairstyles, paint faces pale, and wear evening clothes and false teeth to fit in.
  • Empty mirrors: Everyone knows that vampires don’t appear in mirrors. In order to achieve that effect, take a photo of the decorated room before guests arrive, and print a large color print of the photo. Insert in a mirror-style frame, and hang it on the wall.
  • Wolf-howling as background ‘music’ – create a soundtrack for your party, and insert the sound of a howling wolf (the music of the night) at intervals.

Twilight-Style Vampire Party

The Twilight teens aren’t traditional vampires. If your guests are younger, they’ll probably go for this style of vampire party in a big way. Twilight vampires wear regular clothes, and look the same as everyone else, just a little more pale, and.. well… they sparkle a little.

  • Provide a large sugar-shaker of glitter at the front door for guests who have forgotten to ‘glow.’
  • Check yard sales and thrift stores for graduation gowns, and create a display similar to the Twilight’s ‘look-how-many-times-we-have-graduated’ display.

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Vampire-themed Party Refreshments

All the usual Halloween treats are effective at a vampire-themed party, but why not try something a little different:

  • Gravestone-shaped rice krispy treats, with RIP written in frosting
  • Casket-shaped brownies, with frosting wreaths
  • Of course, a punch bowl filled with blood-red kool-aid is a great refreshment, but if you’re in a chilly part of the country, consider keeping heated tureens of steaming hot tomato soup as well.

However you celebrate, be sure to take lots of pictures! What is your favorite theme for a Halloween party?

What do you think?