How to Decorate with Picture Frames

Decorate with emplty picture frames

Picture Frames.

We use picture frames  to display photos of loved ones, they surround the artwork on our walls, and perhaps a favorite drawing from the kids.

But they can be so much more than that! Frames can be decor in and of themselves…and if you think outside of the box, you can really pack a huge design punch with them. Plus, you can pick them up at a second-hand store for next to nothing, so these looks don’t have to break the bank!

frames pillows rext

I love this look; frames of all different sizes and styles arranged beautifully. There are even a couple of empty ones in there, helping to balance the white space and making sure that the whole look doesn’t get too busy. Great look from That Funky Boutique!

frame bookcase text

I’ve always wanted to try this…hang artwork and frames from a bookshelf. This takes that to a whole new level with the framed punch of pink; what a great graphic look from Canadian House and Home.

frame chevron text

There’s nothing not to love about this room…from the chevron carpet, to the playful sofa, to the colorful display of frames on the wall.  Great styling from Fukikawa Livin.

frame empty gold text

There doesn’t seem to be anything missing in this look, does there? Martha Stewart knows what she’s doing, huh? Love the simplicity of this graphic look with the empty golden frames.

frame white text

WOW. Who knew white could pack such a whallop? A monochromatic look is always dramatic, but these empty white frames on a white wall are just amazing. This would be easy to try with a bunch of inexpensive second-hand frames.  Image from Nacho Polo interview.

frames stacked text

I simply love this look (empty frames are starting to be a theme here, huh?). This stacked frame look is part of a whole bedroom makeover by Living with Lindsay; the whole room is gorgeous, but I was especially drawn to this dramatic corner.

frames window text

How fun is this look? Love the use of the windowsill and floor as a place to rest artwork. The whole collection from Scandinavian Design Center sort of reads as one big piece, just spilling over the wall. Adorable.

So why not grab some of your frames, play around with them, and give them a spot of importance in your house? If you do, I’d love to see them! Share them over on our Facebook page.

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    Avatar lilia barajas says

    Fantastic ideas, can you help to organize a wall with frames with pictures from around the world, we have so many. thanks.

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    What great ideas! I love the color burst wall – gorgeous.