10 DIY Craft Ideas to Relive Summer

As the Summer begins to wind down and we’re getting home from our vacations we may all be longing to relive that vacation feeling. Did you go somewhere exotic? Did you travel to a far off destination? No matter where you spent your Summer vacation, it will be fun to create a craft that will bring back a memory of those good times.

Read on to see DIY Craft Ideas to Relive Summer. Keep the memories alive for years to come with these ideas!

10 DIY Craft Ideas to Relive Summer - Travel Memory Board DIY Map Chalkboard

/1/ DIY Map Chalkboard – X marks the spot…each spot you’ve traveled to this Summer, that is. Make this chalkboard to keep track of all of your past, present and future travels.

10 DIY Craft Ideas to Relive Summer. Travel photograph decor - Fringe Photo Garland

/2/ Fringe Photo Garland – Hopefully, while on vacation you took a bunch of photos. This is a great craft to get them off of your camera’s memory card and onto your walls!

DIY craft ideas to Relive Summer - Memory Jar from summer travels

/3/ Memory Jar – Bring a bit of your vacation destination home with you…in a jar.

diy craft ideas to relive summer - Shell Jewelry

/4/ Shell Jewelry – Every time my family goes to the beach my kids bring back a million sea shells. I love that I found this tutorial! Now, we can make necklaces that can be enjoyed long after our Summer beach vacation has ended. And even make a few for gifts!

diy craft ideas to relive summer - Summer Journals

/5/ Summer Journals This is an excellent way to keep the kids writing throughout the Summer. Have them keep a journal about all of their adventures to far off places. Even if you don’t go very far, they can write about how much fun they had each day of their Summer vacation.

Driftwood art from summer beach vacation

/6/ Driftwood Art – Drift wood. You can wrap it in yarn or embroidery floss, Paint it, or stack it to make beach-like shapes. {think seahorses} No matter what you decide to do with drift wood, it will be beautiful.

Crafts to Relive Summer -  Summer Memory Album

/7/ Summer Memory Album – Scrapbooking is a timeless craft, it never goes out of style. The best part is that scrapbooking has come a long way over the years. Instead of cutting and gluing and spending a bunch of time working on a layout, you can now buy sheets that allow you to just slide a picture right in. Since it’s so easy you’re more likely to keep with it. You could buy the supplies for this album and add to it throughout the Summer. The finished product is sure to be a keepsake for years to come!

diy craft ideas to relive summer vacation - Sea Glass and Watercolor Name Cards

/8/ Sea Glass and Watercolor Name Cards – Were you lucky enough to find a handful of sea glass on your beach vacation? Have a special dinner complete with these handmade name cards.

diy craft ideas to relive summer - Summer Vacation Photo Art

/9/ Summer Vacation Photo Art – Children always enjoy seeing themselves in print. Send a handful of vacation photos to your local print shop and have them printed in black and white. When you bring them home your child can color them or decorate them in any way they wish.

diy craft ideas to relive summer - Personalized Postcard Souvenir

/10/ Personalized Postcard Souvenir – Why have I not thought of this before today? Send yourself a postcard from where ever in the world you traveled to and then frame it along with a picture from your travels. The ultimate souvenir!

Where did you go this Summer that you want to relive over and over? Will you share a picture with us on our Facebook page of the craft that you make from this post? We look forward to seeing it really soon!

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