10 Creative DIY Pet Beds

If you want your four-legged kid to have the perfect spot of their own, we’ve scouted out 10 creative DIY pet beds. The best part is, you can make any of these yourself with materials and items you may already have on hand!

It seems that house pets, like humans, prefer a little luxury in their sleeping arrangements. If you have cats or dogs, you’ve probably noticed that they enjoy either sharing the bed with you or burrowing down into a pallet of comfort. I know I can’t leave a pile of blankets or towels for the washer on the floor without finding my dog sacked out on it!

So from re-purposing old furniture or clothing to making home decor matching cushions, the following pet beds will not only give your dog or cat a space of their own but they will give you the satisfaction of having created something special for them!

10 Creative DIY Pet Beds


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    I luv the big blue one totes