10 Gorgeous Ways To Remake A Shirt

10 Amazing Way to Remake a Shirt

Let’s talk about those plain ol’ t-shirts hanging in your closet! Wouldn’t you like wear them with more than your faded jeans and sneakers on Saturdays? Why not spruce them up with a bit of gorgeous upcycling?

Whether your personal style is lacy, cute, or funky, we have a simple DIY to remake your new, well-loved or thrifted shirts into eye-catching wardrobe items!

Crocheted Lace Side Seam Shirt

Are your favorite old shirts tighter than you’d like? Maybe you found the perfect band t-shirt in a thrift store but it’s a size too small? Using a bit of lace edging, remake it into a flowy, boho style and enjoy the shirt in a beautiful new style!

Crocheted Lace Side Seam – Trash to Couture

Cut-Out Back T-shirt Upcycled

Simply cut four slits in the back of a shirt, wrap small bits of lace or ribbon around each fabric section and you’ve got a quick and easy bow-look for your old t-shirt.

Cut-Out Back T-shirt – Love Maegan

Criss Cross Crochet Back Upcycled Shirt

Add stunning appeal to a scoop-back shirt with this criss-cross crochet look. Simple and beautiful!

 Criss-Cross Crochet Back Shirt – Coats Crafts UK

Large Doily Cut Out Tee Shirt

Who knew sewing an extra large doily into a long shirt would be so lovely? This DIY is in German, but the pictures give a straightforward look at how to make it happen, and translating everything to English is easy via a button at the top of the sidebar.

 Lace Doily Cut-out Shirt – Gesehen und Gesehen Werden

Lace Embellished T-Shirt Craft Tutorial

Take any basic t-shirt from drab to fab with just a little lace around the collar! Such a pretty embellishment for any plain cotton shirt.

 Lace Embellished Collar – Craftaholics Anonymous

Easy Lace Front Shirt Craft Tutorial

This is the easiest DIY to pretty up any shirt! Add a long strip of lace edging to the front of a shirt for an instantly dressier look.

 Easy Lace Front Shirt – Sweet Charli

Basket Weave Shirt for Embellished Tee Shirt Back

Weave your shirt into an eye-catching new look! This would be a perfect way to make a thin old sweatshirt wearable for spring or summer.

Basket Weave Shirt – Trash to Couture

Tied Sleeve T-Shirt for Simple Craft

Cut and tie the sleeves of an over sized t-shirt and have an adorable comfy boyfriend shirt in less than five minutes!

 Tied Sleeves – I Just Might Explode

Lace Detailed Tshirt - Simple Craft DIY

This shirt, beautifully detailed with a lace overlay, is the perfect addition to any feminine spring wardrobe.

  Lace Embellished Top

Simple Peplum Shirt With Cute Ruffle

 Two white t-shirts sewn together add an adorable ruffle to this peplum look. So simple and so chic!

Peplum Tee – Love Meagan

Isn’t it time to clean out your closet and give your wardrobe a DIY makeover?

Which look do you want to try?

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    Your pics are mixed up. The 9th pic goes with the 5th link, and vice versa. And the 9th link takes me to a google page, not any instructions for the shirt. But they are very cute shirts!

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    Love all the different ways to remake shirts!