10 Sneaky Ways to Tell Your Spouse ‘I Love You’

Telling your spouse that you love them doesn’t have to be just with the words “I love you”. You can show them with actions or with words. You can voice your feelings or have them see the depths of your love. There are so many unique and fun ways that you can express your love. Here are 10 sneaky ways to tell your spouse that you love them. Why sneaky? Because sneaky can be fun and memorable.

  1. An ECard – I can personally attest to how great it is to get an email from my husband that says “I love you”. He sends them throughout the day and periodically sends an ecard. These brighten my day. They appear unexpectedly and can turn a frustrating hour into a smile of love.
  2. A Hidden Note – Tuck little notes into your spouse’s briefcase, jacket pocket, purse, backpack, gym bag, book, or newspaper. They’ll open them up and find your love where they least expected it. Make them smile at the gym as they go to workout. Put a smile on their face as they think of your love as they settle back on the train to read the latest novel.
  3. Restaurant Sign – Ever see signs at restaurants that announce the daily special? Ever see the ones that congratulate people for graduations or birthdays? Ask if you can put on your spouse’s favorite restaurant sign something that says, “I love you, Dan” or “I love you, Sally.”
  4. Emails from Friends – Getting an email from you saying “I love you” is special, but if you really want to be sneaky have your friends email your spouse and have them say, “John, Brenda really loves you” or John, Brenda is walking around smiling today because she says you love her.” All of these tell your love the depths of your feelings.
  5. Cookie Messages – Bake some cookies and write on them “I love you” or draw hearts. You can do this with icing or with decorations such as sprinkles or chocolate chips. They’ll open up their lunch and smile as they see your love.

6. Pizza Message – Send a pizza to your spouse for lunch and have the place put the pepperoni or sausage in the shape of a heart. It will be totally unexpected and make their day so much better.

7. Radio Dedication – Does your spouse listen to a particular station at a particular time? Call in and ask for a special song to be dedicated to your spouse. Pick your special song or the one that was playing on your first date. Make it special again.

8. Love Notes in Travel Case – If your spouse travels, tuck little love notes everywhere. Place them in their toiletry bag, their intimates, or even their socks. Wherever they might go, put a little love there.

9. Write it on the Ground – Wherever you are, you can have nature help tell your spouse you love them. Run outside and etch it the snow, the sand, or even with a lawnmower. Pinecones can be used to draw a heart.  It can be fun to do and fun to watch their face light up.

10. Write a Song – Nothing is as romantic as having the one you love write a poem or a song for them. It is something special and for them alone. Your words spoken from the heart do more than just say “I love you”.

Have fun as you tell your spouse you love them. Surprise them with the unique ways you come up with. Love should always be fun and surprising.

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