12 Months of Baby Photo Shoots

Sometimes in the excitement and sleep deprived world of babies, we forget to embrace our camera and get all those must take pictures. While the possibilities for ‘cute’ baby pictures are endless, sometimes we don’t know where to start. Here is a month by month guide for capturing the essence and cuteness that is your baby.

One Month


Look what the stork brought! Capture the excitement of the ‘Welcome Home’ moment with siblings or parents. (Photo credit: Leilani Photography)

Two Months

Photographing Your Baby at 2 Months Old Did your daughter get your eyes? Did your son get your nose? Get up close and personal to savor the similarities. (Photo credit: Gabriela Koopmans Photography)

Three Months

3 Month Baby Photo Posing InspirationsMonthly onesies are all the rage but a change in your perspective takes a boring monthly photo to a lasting memory. (Photo credit: Do It And How Photography)

Four Months

4 Months Baby Photos Collage InspirationsEverything about them is perfect and a collage is the perfect way to display all that wonderfulness. Don’t worry about pictures being centered and exact. Zoom in on different areas of your baby to get the best effect. (Photo credit: Everly True)

Five Months

5 Month Baby Photo Posing IdeasBy five months your baby is a smiling machine. Prop them on their belly and let their smile woo you. (Photo credit: Stacy Larsen Photography)

Six Months

6 month old baby photo idea - mirror reflectionsA six month old loves their reflections. What better way to capture the beauty of their innocence then in the reflection of a mirror. (Photo credit: Indulgy)

Seven Months

7 Month Old Baby Photo Inspiration - Stuffed Animals and Favorite ToysEverybody needs their friends to lean on and what a great way to remember all your little guys best buds growing up. (Photo credit: Tracy’s Trinkets)

Eight Months

8 month baby photo ideaTubby time is a must! Babies love water and who can resist the chubby wrinkles a bathing bay has? This different perspective of bath-time makes for a captivating photo. (Photo credit: Piccsy)

Nine Months

9 Month old Baby Photo Inspiration - Smiling ColorBy nine months your child can sit on their own without the fear of wobbling over. Take your little one outside for a dose of color, natural light and of course, their bright smile! (Photo credit: Bella Sorella Couture)

Ten Months

ACuttingPhotonicaMatthew_xlargeNothing warms my heart more than the backside of a baby. From the rolls and rolls in their thighs to their non-existent ankles, everything about them is worth photographing. (Photo credit: Ann Cutting)

Eleven Months

11 Month Baby Photo Inspirations - Capture ExpressionsBy eleven months your child has quite the personality. Get up close and personal with their endless facial expressions, smiles and pouts. (Photo credit: Nicole Miller)

Twelve Months

12 month old baby photo ideas - Balloon CelebrationsWhile everyone has the typical smash cake pictures, think outside the box when taking your child’s first birthday picture. Natural lighting, balloons and an antique chair are all you need for an amazing birthday photo! (Photo credit: Shameless Photography)

Have a favorite month you find easiest to photograph? Be sure to check out our Nine Must Take Newborn Photos for more newborn photo ideas. Post your favorite baby picture in the comment of on our Facebook page!

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    Avatar nicole miller says

    I’m sorry but that photo at “Eleven Months” is MY son and I took that photo!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/31718947@N04/

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      Thank you for letting us know – I am updating the photo credit right now. Appreciate the head’s up as we always do our best to link and credit appropriately.

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      Note – I linked the credit to your flickr page however if you have a professional photography website you’d rather us link to please just let me know and I’ll update the link. Thanks for taking the time to let us know! 🙂

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    “Awwwww!”, that’s all I can say. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! Love the photography as well.

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    These pictures are absolutely stunning! some great ideas there. I have bookmarked it for the time I have babies of my own:)