12 Simple DIY Solutions to Organize Your Home

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and anew. It’s the best time to purge and get organized!

If you’re like me, you have little piles of “stuff” lingering in different corners of the house. There’s a tabletop or surface that becomes the “catch all” as you walk through the door. When you desperately need a pen, there’s not a pen to be found…I have some DIY organization solutions for you today!

/1/ Distressed Mason Jars – These beautiful mason jars are perfect for the craft room to organize paint brushes and markers or the office space to organize pens and pencils.

diy folding chair 7
/2/ Folding Chair Command Center – I love using common items for not-so-common purposes! This folding chair command center is perfect for unusual art and is still great for extra seating.

/3/ Sofa Organizer – In my house the remote is one of the first things to go missing. Every day. I’d like to hope that if I whipped one of these easy sofa organizers up and hung it on the arm of my sofa that I’d never lose another remote. A girl can dream, can’t she?

diy jewelry stand 4
/4/ Vintage Jewelry Stand – If you enjoy perusing thrift stores, like I do, then this DIY jewelry stand is PERFECT for you! And, so easy, too!

embroidery hoop hamper
/5/ Embroidery Hoop Hamper – This laundry hamper would be absolutely perfect for a baby’s nursery or for a little girl’s room. I love how simple, yet {dare I say about a laundry hamper} elegant it can be.

/6/ Washi Tape Storage – Washi tape became all the rage in 2013. I don’t doubt it will be equally as popular in 2014. I bet you have a handful of rolls lingering around your house. But, can you put your hands on all of them right now? The answer for me is NO. I will absolutely be making one of these washi tape storage displays for my washi tape rolls!

/7/ Cord Organizer – Again with the “I bet you have these lingering all over the house” phrase. In my house we have about 1,382 iDevice charging cords {slight exaggeration used}. I’m 100% over the fact that they are tangled and mangled in one fashion or another. These cute little bow shaped cord organizers are the cutest! One of them is sure to make my mess, at the very least, cute. These would make great gifts, too.

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/8/ Chore Station – In my house, we have struggled to find a chore system that works for us. I just might give this DIY chalkboard a try. With envelopes that house daily chores, it’ll be a snap to assign which kiddo gets which chore!

/9/ Vintage Soda Crate Storage – I was lucky enough to stumble upon a Coca Cola crate a few months ago at a vintage consignment shop. I’ve been looking for a way to put it to good use. I’m so glad I found this idea for you {and me}!

/10/ Hot Wheels Car Jar – Our kid’s rooms can certainly use some organizing. Use the general idea of this car jar and customize it for your needs. You can make Lego jars, small army men jars, a jar for blocks…the list could go on and on.

/11/ Upcycled Window Shutter – Does your mail pile up on your counter top? Well, I have one quick solution. When you bring your mail inside from the mailbox open it over the trash can. For real. The catalogs you know you’ll never buy from and the junk mail, toss it right in the trash can. The rest of the mail can hang out in this shutter until you’re ready to take a closer look.

chalkboard clipboard
/12/ Kitchen Clipboard Chalkboard – Never {hopefully} forget a much needed item from the grocery store again. When you run out of flour, add it to the chalkboard. When you use the last of the mustard, add it to the chalkboard. This will surely make grocery shopping easier!

Which of these DIY projects will you tackle this week? They are all so simple that you could finish one or two now and then a couple more next week. Share with us on our Facebook page your finished product. Before you know it, you’re entire home will be the portrait of perfection.

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Melissa lives in Florida with her husband and five kiddos. She writes about her family life at jonahbonah. When she isn’t chasing children you can find her behind her sewing machine or her camera. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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