16 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you were a kid as you carried a goody bag into the classroom filled with homemade Valentine’s Day cards for all of your school friends? You surely had butterflies as you passed each card out to your classmates…and maybe that little boy you had a crush on.

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards have come a long way. When we were kids we gave cut out construction paper cards or store bought cards with our favorite cartoon character of the decade {Garfield and New Kids on the Block were my faves!}. Today I’ve got sixteen DIY ideas that are super fun!!! From preschool age to big kid, there is sure to be one your child will love to make for his class.

goldfish bowl valentine - cover
/1/ Fish Bowl Valentine’s Card – You could fill this cute Valentine with Swedish Fish or Goldfish, either one would be super cute!

Squeeze Valentine 01
/2/ “You’re My Main Squeeze” – My kids all LOVE fruit from a squeeze pouch. I’m guessing these would be a hit in the classroom. Especially among preschoolers!

/3/ “My Heart’s a Stereo”{Try saying that without breaking into song.} I maybe wouldn’t go to the expense of making these for my kid’s whole class but, I would make them for MY Kids!

/4/ “Stick Around” Valentine’s – I love that you use a honey stick for this one instead of a traditional candy sweet!

/5/ “You Color My World” – Made from broken and melted crayons. Perfect for artists of every age.

/6/ Photo Valentine’s Cards – Pixie Stix are such a classic candy. And every kid loves them. Add your child’s picture to the top for the ultimate personalized Valentine’s Day treat.

a-maze-ing valentine - all
/7/ An “A-MAZE-ING” Valentine – These little maze games can be found at your local party store for pretty cheap. They’ll be an a-MAZE-ing treat for the classroom bunch!

/8/ A “Wheel-y” Cool Valentine – For the car lovers. My son took these for Valentine’s Day last year. He was so proud. Can you imagine the look on the other little boys’ faces in the class? He said even the girls loved them!

/9/ Valentine Pom Monsters – Remember the little pom monsters from years ago? These are a super cute DIY version.

/10/ Valentine Love Bugs – Made with paint chip card and small bottles of bubbles, these Valentines are easy and fun!

/11/ “Let’s Paint the Town” – Another treat for the artists in your life. Spark some creativity in their little imaginations. {This would be a cute gift for your kiddos, coupled with a watercolor paper pad.}

/12/ Monster Valentine – You could use any candy you’d like for these Valentines. The little monsters on the top are just too cute for words!

/13/ Pirate Patches for Your Best Mateys – This one is perfect for boys and girls. A traditional pirate’s eye patch for the boys or a heart eye patch for the girls. So cute!

orange valentines
/14/ “Orange You Glad” Valentines – You could use the orange slice candies or a whole orange if your child’s school doesn’t allow opened candy.

/15/ Homemade Trail Mix Valentines – With a homemade trail mix or a ready-made store bought variety, these Valentines will go together in a snap.

/16/ Love Bug Valentines – My youngest son is a lover of all things creepy-crawly. BUGS! This will be my son’s Valentine’s card this year. He’s a bug lover!

Which of these Valentine’s Day cards will you treat your child’s classmates with? You’ll have so much fun making any of them with your child to share! We’d love to hear which you chose to create on our Facebook page. Will you share with us??

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