20 Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet is a hallmark part of her wedding ensemble, second only to her gorgeous dress. The floral arrangement often speaks to her personal style as much as the centerpieces or her choice of shoes! The trend to use vintage brooches in place of live or silk flowers is not only stunning, but it’s a beautiful way to incorporate family heirlooms into the wedding decor.

Vintage brooch bouquets are perfect for the DIY bride – rummaging through local antique stores, thrift shops and estate sales will often unearth the gems and treasures needed for a beautiful bouquet. Do-it-yourself not your forte? Countless vendors offer customized brooch bouquet options, made with love and delivered to your door before the big day.

Ready for some inspiration?

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets
/1/ Antro-inspired Retro Wedding (Green Wedding Shoes) /2/ Handmade Silk Flowers (Wedding Bee Galleries) /3/ Something Blue (Girly Wedding) /4/ Amanda’a Mad Hatter Bouquet (Ruffled)

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets
/5/ Aqua and Red (The Ritzy Rose) /6/ Champagne and Ivory (SoulBijou) /7/ Mardi Gras Brooches (Miss Artsy) /8/ Carnival Bouquet! (Design Me Vintage)

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets
/9/ Multi Hues (Fabulous DIY Tutorial – The Parsonage) /10/ Ivory Buttons and Brooches (Ditsy Bride)  /11/ Teardrop Bouquet (Debbie Carlisle Bouquets) /12/ Navy Blue and Pink (Confetti Daydreams)

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquet
/13/ Felt and Brooches (Fleur)  /14/ Amethyst and Emerald Bouquet (Noaki Jewelry) /15/ Bold Shades (Alice Hu Photography)  /16/ Kelly’s Rose and Blue (Tonya Beaver Photography)

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Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets
/17/ Allyssa’s DIY Mountain Bouquet (Green Apple Photography) /18/ Tracey’s Pastels (Jonathan Canlas Photography) /19/ Swallows and Bows (Fantasy Florals) /20/ Summer Wedding Bouquet (The Knotty Bride)

Bookmark your favorites, find a bouquet vendor or plan your DIY method, and be sure to ask family members to check their jewelry boxes for old brooches. Your bouquet will sparkle almost as much as your eyes do on your big day!

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