4 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup Looks

The best thing about Halloween is not only the costumes, but the extravagant or simple makeup looks that can make or break your garb. Take a look at some of the gorgeous-yielding, yet easy tips below!

The Fairy Look

Credit: littlemakeupface.com

Frosty, dewy, and ethereal describes this look. You’ll want to prep with a primer as your base to ensure that this gorgeous glow sticks. For the eye area, we’re loving the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. Take a bold color, such as aqua, turquoise or even a glitzy peach, and blend throughout the eyelid. Create an airbrushed effect at the crease by blending thoroughly. To make your eyes really pop, take some gold cosmetic glitter and, with a light hand, brush it atop your eyeshadow color. To complete the eyes, line them with a liquid bronze liner and delicate false lashes. Pay attention to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Finish off with a glimmering rose blush on the apples of your cheeks. More glam? Add a hint of frosted pink gloss on your lips.


Credit: blackhairmedia.com

There’s nothing quite like the colors of a peacock, and embodying that in a makeup look is just as beautiful. Again, you’ll want to start with a primer. We want these sultry colors to stay put! Using an eyeshadow palette, like this one from Coastal Scents, choose a bright blue color and line underneath your eyes. Extend it outward as you blend to create a faux-cateye look. Follow up with a deeper blue, almost indigo, and layer underneath the first line you created. On the actual eyelid, with a deep brown, blend into the crease, and once again, extend outwards to create depth. Using silver and gold, blend into the inner corners of your eyes to magnify the look. To complete, cosmetic glitter (either in silver or bronzed) should be used lightly. Contour the cheeks with bronzer and for the lips, use a clear gloss. Make sure to accessorize with faux peacock feathers to take it to the next level!

Mermaid Queen

Credit: juxapost.com

This next look is striking and requires a bit more time than the last two. When priming this time, prime over the entire face, paying close attention to the eyes (especially the eyebrows). You’ll need cosmetic glue handy and an array of sequins and small beads of your choice. If you’re looking to create more of a “fun” mermaid look, choose colors that resemble the sea, such as turquoise and green. Or for a more stunning face, use deeper colors like the ones in the above photo. Before we begin using our sequins, create a silver base on the eyelid. Using something more shimmery will intensify the effect of your sequins. Spread the silver throughout the entire eyelid, including shading of the eyebrows. Continue with black eyeliner and false lashes. Now comes the gluing part. Carefully place a small amount of glue on the upper part of your eyelids, farthest away from your eye, and gently set each sequin in. You’ll know the design you want once you start placing them. Use lighter colors as you extend out into the hairline. Pair with a deep wine lip or a soft peach lip.

Greek Goddess

Credit: special-koko.com

What’s so great about this particular look is that it’s versatile enough to wear for special occasions – not just Halloween. Most of it’s allure is in the eye area. Start at the crease with a deep gold eyeshadow and blend downwards. Take a dark mauve and at the outer half of the eyelid, blend out with the gold, creating a smokey eye effect. Be careful not to use too much color. Instead, go little by little to blend effectively. Try using a larger, denser eyeshadow brush when blending. Widen your eyes with a swipe of white eyeshadow in the inner corners. A liquid eyeliner would create a more defined look when creating the cateye. Line the water line with a black pencil and try going for dramatic lashes to polish it off. The main focus of this look are the eyes, so keep it simple with a nude lipstick for your pout!

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