4 Ways to Improve Your Photo Composition

The composition of your images can make or break them. Simple things like filling the frame or keeping your background simple can elevate the look of your pictures and make them more interesting. Here are four tips to help you improve the composition of your pictures:
Photo Composition Trick #1 - Fill the Frame Completely @ Blissfully Domestic
Fill the Frame
The best way to fill the frame is to get close to your subject. How do you get closer? Use a telephoto lens or use your feet and step closer. Filling the frame edge to edge makes your subject the main focus of your picture and adds drama to your image.
Photography Composition Trick #2 - Keep the Horizon Line Straight! @ Blissfully Domestic
Straighten the Horizon Line
Where the horizon line appears in your image can dramatically alter the balance of a picture. Placing the horizon line high accentuates the foreground and the distance. Framing the horizon line low is very effective for capturing dramatic skies.
Photography Composition Trick #3 - Keep a Simple or Blurred Background @ Blissfully Domestic
Keep the Background Simple
Pay attention to what is going on around your subject. A cluttered background can end up being a distraction to the overall look of your picture. Having the subject step a few feet away from a cluttered background will help you create nice bokeh (blur) or you can shift your position to replace a cluttered background and enhance the subject.


Photography Composition Trick #4 - Subject Off Center @ Blissfully Domestic
Place the Subject Off to the Side
Using the rule of thirds is a great way to create a balanced composition. Moving your subject away from the center of the frame creates a nice balance and tension to the final image. While it may be tempting to place the subject smack in the middle of the frame, avoid it for overly simple and boring images.
Remember, rules are meant to be broken, but before you can break the rules of composition, make sure you know what they are and you know how to execute them. Taking a little time to improve the composition of your pictures will make them look better and help you be a better photographer.
**Photography by Lucrecer Braxton**

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