Let’s Change The World – 40 Days Of Water

Did you know it’s possible to change the world with just $1 a day?

It’s true.

$1 a day provides a year of clean drinking water for a person in Africa.

Most of us spend more than that each day on our morning coffee alone.

What if we could, for a set amount of time, re-purpose that money to make a difference in our world?

Several of us have partnered with Blood:Water Mission’s 40 Days initiative to do just that.

By giving up our fancy lattes, lunchtime sodas, and evening glasses of wine
and donating the dollars saved over the 40 days between February 13 and March 30,
we’re building six wells in Uganda and providing water to entire villages.

You can join us by donating what you can. Did you know 1$ can provide an African with clean water for a year?

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Only $1 each day.

How can we say no?

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Read more about our 40 Days program right here,
where you can find out more about clean water,
set up a profile,
and even log your drinks directly from your phone!


Let’s change the world together!

What do you think?



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    Yes Water is life. That is the reason we started to plan building our houses so that rain water goes directly into the containers that we arranged..this water is used for gardening and it also improves soil fertility. At our places we get water after digging 15feet into the earth because of this process.