5 Mother’s Day Craft Projects For Kids

Mother’s Day is getting closer. I know this because I can already feel the euphoria of being able to sleep in and possibly get breakfast in bed served to me by my two little men. Since Mother’s Day is coming I thought it might be fun to do some Mother’s Day inspired crafts with my boys. I found some great Mother’s Day craft project ideas across the web, and I am going to share them with you!

Colorful Celery Bouquet by April. Project Directions Can be found here. Photo Source: April’s Little Family.

Beauty Mask Craft by Disney Family Fun. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Disney Family Fun.

Mom ‘n’ Me Wooden Spoons Mother’s Day Craft by Kaboose. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Kaboose

Silhouettes Mother’s Day Craft by Free Kids Crafts. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Free Kids Crafts

MOM Picture Frame by Busy Bee Kids Crafts. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Busy Bee Kids Crafts

All of the above craft ideas are so beautiful, and they do not take much time to create. Having your child make his/her own present for his/her mom on Mother’s Day is a great alternative to merely purchasing a gift. It gives the child a sense of pride and excitement because he or she will get to present his or her mother with a gift that is truly from the heart.

Other great ideas for Mother’s Day Kids Crafts can be found here and here.

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    Well, these are O.K ideas, more for 5 year olds.