5 Must-Have Travel Bags

Five Must Have Bags for TravelWith conference season coming up, and family vacations not too far away, you will need a travel bag or two.

Here are five of my absolute favorites to keep you going from home, to airport, to conference or business and more.

1. Jewel in Flourish by GigiHill Jewelry Tote – I love the bright colors of this jewelry tote and zipper pouches as well as the necklace ties inside. Snap closures secure the tote while fake ties give it a decorative look. $49 suggested retail.

2. Audrey Β Tote in Flourish by GigiHill Travel Bag – A matching color pattern to the jewelry tote above, the Flourish is my favorite design but there are several to choose from. In the Rolling Audrey version (not pictured), the handle extends from a hidden zippered compartment but can be completely hidden when collapsed for a sleek and stylish look. Roll or carry, the suitcase is gorgeous and slim enough for overheads. $129 suggested retail ($229 for the rolling).

3. Stella Tablet Messenger Bag by Urban Junket – This Stella messenger bag is super cool – deep enough to easily fit an iPad, tablet, or small laptop and it even comes with a padded pouch inside to hold electronics. The bag is eco-friendly with the inside lining and pouches made from recycled water bottles! $70-80 Retail price.

4. Washable Cosmetic Bag by Vermayca – Not just washable, the waterproof liner can actually detach from the stunning outside of the bag for easy cleaning or replacing. Brilliant way to keep your beauty accessories with you on the go! $34.99 for the Large size.

5. Stylish Camera Bag by Epiphanie – My favorite (pictured) is the Lola in, of course, red! But Epiphanie Bags are available in a variety of fashionable styles and colors. Lola retails for $149 but each style has a different price level.

Travel is tough enough without having bags that look exactly the same as everyone else’s. Travel in style and convenience.

What is your favorite traveling bag you just can’t live without?

*I have been sent some of these bags personally for review, and own the Lola Epiphanie. Affiliate links are used in this post.Β 

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  1. 7

    I already have a Lola and will most likely carry that with me at Blissdom and for airplane travel. It fits right under my seat on the plane, so that is helpful.

  2. 9

    I just ordered the Kelly Moore Chapel bag for travel (and BlissDom). I love a backpack style bag and the Epiphanie bags were just larger than I needed/ wanted.

    Another great bag is by Janine King (on Etsy). Love her totes.

  3. 12

    I have a red Epinphanie bag (different style, but still awesome) and it really IS a wonderful travel/conference bag! I just used it at the seminar I just got back form this morning! And of course, I got tons of compliments!

  4. 13

    Such a great list! I know I’m bringing my Lola…in mustard. πŸ˜€ Weeee!