5 of the Hottest Makeup Looks You’ll Want to Try

Summer is here and with that comes vibrant colors, fragrant aromas and of course nature’s most pristine wonders. From animals to flowers to waterfalls, every where you look, you’re surrounded by beauty. So why not go the extra mile with some of that beauty? Why not try one of these makeup looks inspired by nature? It’s sure to stretch the boundaries of your inner diva.

Feather Me This  – Feather Lashes

Runway? Girls’ night out? Or just for kicks? Feather lashes are a fun, flirty and fabulous way to add a little flare and sass to your look. Mostly sold in local beauty supply stores like Sally’s, feather lashes are easy to apply, even for beginners,  and are available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles.

 Silver Eyed Beauty – Beads and Feather Makeup Designs

An elegant, airy design made with feathers and beads. A perfect look for those not afraid to embrace their inner bold. This type of makeup design is ideal for proms, photo shoots and of course, just for looking fancy.

Henna Love – Henna Tattoes for the Body

In case you didn’t get the memo, Henna is making a comeback. The designs are bolder, more intricate and every bit as lovely. If you like the idea of a tattoo but are not too fond of it being permanent than Henna is for you. Henna can be applied in an array of colors. It can be adorned with gems and jewels and can be applied almost anywhere on the body. Best of all? It’s temporary; it’ll stay on the skin for up to three months.

Pastels and Pearls

This is definitely a look fit for any princess. Soft pastels, and pearls. Another ideal look for proms, school photos or maybe even a wedding. I think you could pull this one off, don’t you?

Beautiful Baby Blues – Blue Eyeshadow Never Gets Old

In a word? This look is stunning. The eye shadow is applied in layers. You can see the soft ice blue, blending into the gold which is contoured by a navy and accented with a soft brown. So, if you’re thinking about throwing away that blue eye shadow, think again. Blue is back!

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